My Barcelona

After my time in Barcelona, there are more than 100 blog posts with the label "Barcelona". I thought I'd pick out some of my favourites and collect them here on this page, easier to find, such as places worth visiting when coming to Barcelona and a few events during the year.

Casa Milá
For instance, it's no secret that I am a big fan of Gaudí and I think that any tourist visiting Barcelona needs to go see at least some of the big works of art from this brilliant mind while there! The most famous one is probably La Sagrada Familia, but I personally love La Pedrera / Casa Milá too. I posted about the exterior here, and then about the museum-part where they have opened up one apartment as it was back when it was built here. I love the wavy interiors and furniture!

And although it's a little further away from everything else, a trip to Parque Guell is certainly worth it. Splendid views and beautiful surroundings, in Gaudi's playground. It's like a fairy tale world in the city.

Parc de la Ciutadela

And when we're at it with parks, I'd like to say that I find Parc de la Ciutadela such a lovely place to wind down. It's green, it's big and it's beautiful. It has little rowing boats on a little 'lake', a gazebo where dance groups meet to dance salsa, tango... And lots of palm trees offering a lovely shade when all you want to do is lie on the grass reading your book, or sharing a picnic with friends.

A little secret most tourists don't know about is the Labyrinth Park up by Mundet. Beautiful park!

There are hundreds of things to see and do in Barcelona, and there is a lot of history. Beautiful old buildings, plazas... I think I could never get tired of it all. Walking around in barrio Gotico, sitting down for a nice glass of wine and/or a snack at Els 4 Gats, a very special, beautiful old bar, where the likes of Picasso and Gaudí used to hang out. Or if Caelum is closer, I'd be happy to go there too. This place used to be Old Jewish Baths in Medieval times, and all the cakes sold there are made by nuns and monks all over Spain. Certainly a special place that too. I would also pop by the Palau de la Musica. It's beautiful on the outside, but outstanding on the inside. To be able to attend a concert in this modernistic very special music hall is highly recommended! I would even recommend a guided visit here, it's just such a special place! 

Santa Maria del Mar

While in barrio Gotico, a must see is Santa Maria del Mar, or more known as Cathedral of the Sea from the historical novel by the same name written by Ildefonso Falcones. A quite different church, not so opulent as many other around Barcelona and Spain, but very beautiful. Even more so after having read the aforementioned book. 

Moving on...A walk along the beach is always nice. Maybe you even get to see the green parrots!

I know Las Ramblas is on most tourist's 'must-see-list'. Personally I avoid this street as much as I can, but there is one thing on Las Ramblas that is worth the agony of the rest of it: The fabulous market "La Boquería". I have never seen a market like this one, and it's one hard to beat. 

My first flatmate in Barcelona (a local who grew up in Barcelona) showed me one of his secrets, the library that used to be the reservoir building to store water for the waterworks in the aforementioned Parc de la Ciutadela. Such a nice surprise.

Tibidabo is another place that has a dear place in my heart. Go see for yourself! Right next to it is the beautiful pathway, Carretera de les aigües, perfect for walking/running/biking. Both brilliant places for wonderful views all over the city.

"Spain in miniature" at Poble Espanyol is an interesting place to visit, especially if there is an event and you sort of get two birds in one stone. Make sure to check out the glassblower workshop while there!

To talk about something completely different, me being the chocolate lover that I am- of course I have been to the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona (Museu Xocolata) and also attended a Chocolate workshop there. Barcelona has a long delicious history of Chocolate, learn more about Simon Coll and Amatller here!

There are a lot of events happening all around the year, and there are a lot of traditions too. 

In the winter months, usually between January and March is the big Calcot-season! Such a delicious and fun tradition and typical in Catalunya. 
At the beginning of March is the sweets-party, Fiesta de Sant Medir! So much fun! The 24th April is Catalunya's own version of Valentines Day, El dia de San Jordi. A really nice tradition! For June and midsummer, there is a big party in Barcelona (San Juan) with bonfires all over the city among other things. The most special thing about this is where the flame which lights all the bonfires comes from! In August, the neighbourhood party of Fiestas de Gracia takes place, my favourite of all the neighbourhood parties I have been to! And towards the end of September, Barcelona's own patron saint is celebrated with Fiestas de la Mercé. The typical traditional entertainment at this fiesta and many others are Castellers, human towers. By the end of October we have Día de todos los santos, and before Christmas there are several nativity scenes scattered around the city, (for instance at the Catedral de Barcelona, and at Plaza Sant Jaume,) there is a Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral, and so much Christmas lighting making the city a little extra magical. Two very typical traditions are mandatory for the Christmas preparations: El Caganer, and El Tío de Nadal.

A question I asked others and that others often ask me is whether to learn Spanish in Barcelona or not. In the end I wrote a post about my experience on this. Another question I have gotten many times is how to find a place to live in Barcelona, here I share some tips, and here some things to be aware of!

And just to finish this little guide, I have been posting some "10 randoms shots" -posts as I had so many wonderful Barcelona photos that didn't really have a story or many words to go with them, but who still deserved some attention. If you want to see, you can find 10 random shots here, and another 10 random shots here, and then I posted 10 random NIGHT shots here, and 10 random ARCHITECTURE shots here. (More to come!)

I hope you find something you like! Barcelona is a wonderful city!


  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog and it is great! I currently live in Mexico and am looking to relocate to Spain in the summer. It seems we have a lot in common - appreciating the simple things in life and the beauty over material. I will be keeping an eye on your blog as I dream about next year and my new life in Spain!

    1. Hi Evelyn, and bienvenida! How exciting, both living in Mexico and later relocating to Spain! Enjoy your time planning and dreaming about Spain, and your last months in Mexico.