Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beautiful, Beautiful Barcelona

Dear Barcelona, 
I saw this on Facebook today. 
How beautiful you are, Barcelona. 
I miss you very much every day. We must 
meet again soon. I really need to see you. I need to 
walk those streets, admire those buildings, and most of all, 
I need to dance some salsa! They say you have the best salsa scene 
in Europe, and I believe it! Fabulous fabulous. Did I mention I miss you?

Funny h-              ow a city
     can come to           mean so much
 to you in so many     different ways... 
Barcelona is definitely one of
 those cities that will always
 have a huge piece
 of my heart. 

Video made by  Alexandr Kravtsov and found here.


  1. Fantastic video! I think we can def. fall in love with places. I can see why you adore this one so much.

  2. I so agree. I have been to many other places of Spain but I still miss Barcelona.

  3. Oh friend...I can't even tell you!!! On this day, when my anxiety is starting to peak...I needed this. I miss it so very much! Thank you!!

  4. Love your heart paragraph :) :)

    Barcelona is a place I would surely go back to!

  5. Oh no, the video doesn't work anymore...! :( But I still believe Barcelona is beautiful and I'm actually hoping to visit next spring!