Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I am one strange person

Yes, so it seems. This is the impression I get from people in Norway when I answer 
their questions about my life in Spain anyway.

Maybe? Probably? I'll go with a yes! via 
I touched upon this in my post, My Life In Norway vs. Spain From An Economic Viewpoint, but I need to talk about this a little more.

I don't have a TV. And you know what, I don't miss it one bit. I used to say the TV was a time stealer, that was when I used to watch it a lot. Now I wouldn't know when and how to find the time to spend in front of a TV day after day. But you know what? I think it's a GOOD thing (despite all the incredulous looks on people's faces when this becomes clear.) My life is filled with other activities, that probably give me a lot more than the TV did before. (I used to watch a lot of TV...) 

I have just gotten myself my very first smartphone! Can you imagine? How strange. How old fashioned! I didn't want one, but my old 'stone age' phone didn't want to work anymore, and lets face it, there aren't a lot of non-smart phones out there in the shops anymore. Why didn't I want one? Cause I was afraid I would turn into one of those people who would check their email, facebook etc. every five minute, be unsociable and totally dependent of the phone. 

I was one of those people who would more often than not, leave the phone at home when I went out. And I might even put the phone on silent or turn it off, if I didn't feel like being reachable. Just because I own a phone, does it mean I don't have the right to decide when I am available? (It seems not, cause some people get really annoyed when I don't pick up the minute they want to talk, although I might be in the middle of something that I prefer not leave.)

Anyway, the point is. It seems I am quite strange for not having already had at least one or two other smartphones and a million apps and smart programs. So I was weird before I got the phone, but then I am still weird, cause I basically don't use my new phone much more now than the old one. (Just that now people expect me to be even more available, as in having seen emails and facebook-notification the second they arrive. Sorry!)

I don't care much about materialistic things. That is strange for many people here to fathom. I can't be bothered to have- or rather, I don't want and need all sorts of "genius gadgets" and things that make a home more comfortable. Neither do I care to spend loads and loads every month on clothes, shoes, make-up etc. 

Another totally strange thing, is that I accept a much lower salary and think living in Spain makes up for it a 100%. People just don't see it. How can I possibly want to live with a lot less money? 

I have changed. And as long as I am perfectly happy and comfortable with my change, I think I will just keep on smiling and enjoy the little things in life. After all, they are free!

Examples of free fabulous things:

Beach. Walks, reading, yoga, swimming, sunbathing...


Parks...can be used for much of the same as the beaches. So lovely!

Open your eyes. Look up and discover beautiful architecture...

...or look down and discover & try to interpret streetart...

Enter a beautiful, really old Cathedral...

Read books! There are such great 'personalities' to get to know and stories to get involved in, 
inside of book covers. I love losing myself in a great book. 
(OK, books might not be free, but in libraries they are!) 

Imagination is the only limitation... but our world really is full of small, free gifts to life!
What 'free things' do you enjoy?


  1. FRIEND!! I loveloveLOVE this!! I have a smart phone that I'm slightly addicted to, but can put it away, and usually do these days, on the weekends. I technically have TV, but that's because I signed a contract. I am actually calling today to cancel it because I rarely ever watch it. I love your outlook on life, and am striving to be more like that. Be happy, and more importantly, THANKFUL for having less, but still having a beautiful life! LOVE YOU!

    1. What a beautiful comment, friend. You just made my day! Lots of love right back at ya!

  2. YES YES YES!!!! I love this post all the way through. I completely agree with not needing a TV. :) I'm convinced that we have to meet next time I'm in your part of the world!!

    1. Thank you Ashley!!

      You went to both Norway and Barcelona while I wasn't there... but yes- next time for sure!

  3. I love losing myself in a great book too! It's one of my favorite things to do! I love that you don't have a TV. Sometimes I want to get rid of mine too. Books are so much better! :0

    1. Me too, looove books :) The not having a TV-thing wasn't really planned, it just happened and now I am very fine without it!

  4. I know more strange people like you, for example me:) I have no TV, I owner of smartphone since 2 or 3 month, instead of buying unnecessary things I prefer to go somewhere...

    1. Haha, nice! I like strange people :) I also measure my money in travels! Like, I hate going to the dentist and always think of where I could have traveled for that money ...

  5. I would add free cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions. I think Spain has a great range of them (at least Barcelona). and don't worry, there're many people like you (i don't have smartphone). life is more simple than we think it is.

    1. Of course! Good one, free cultural activities are fabulous. And there are so many great ones in Spain, all year around (at least in the cities I have been!)

  6. I agree with every single item! And I feel exactly the same.:-)