Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Random Green Shots From Barcelona

As a continuation to the posts with 10 random shots,
I am today posting 10 green random photos from my dear Barcelona. 

From Parc de la Ciutadella

Parque Laberinto 
Green parrots

The most fabulous Catalan tradition of Calcots, picture from my first Calcotada!

Taken from Carretera de les aigues
It's a big city, but three's a lot of green!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Travel In Norway On A Budget- Part 3 ~ Accommodation

I have been a little absent from online life. I have been enjoying summer in Norway, and the weather has just been too lovely to be sitting inside writing blog posts! I love summer in Norway- when the weather is good, there is just no place I'd rather be in summer. The days go on and on, the sun barely sets (and up north it doesn't set at all) and all the light and fresh air, green and untouched nature nurtures my soul like nothing else. 

I thought another post about budget traveling in Norway would be a good option for today, cause I am really feeling the pain for foreign tourists coming with hopes to not spend a lot of cash... A hard task that one. Coming from Spain with a salary level that works just fine there, you just "survive" here. (The prices are not really that high when you have a Norwegian salary but for foreigners visiting, prices might be a big issue.)

I have previously covered how to travel inside the country on a budget, and today I thought I'd talk about accommodation, which is often a big expense in Norway. 

Hotels are generally not cheap. There aren’t really any (?) 1 or 2-star hotels like in many European countries. On the other hand, when you get a hotel room, you normally get a super comfy bed and 
a lovely huge breakfast buffet too. (Unlike those 1 and 2-star hotels I was talking about.)

There is something called “Fjordpass”, worth checking out. 
You buy this pass and get discounts on hotels, cabins, rental cars and tourist boats. 
The biggest discounts are on hotels. 

Apart from this, I don’t know any tricks to get cheap hotels in Norway, apart from looking at the websites of different chains of hotels to see if they have any offers, 
or use online search engines for hotels. 

But there are other forms of accommodation than hotels. I have personally been on one trip through the fjord-land and the north without stepping foot in a hotel. An important key here is the many camping sites spread all over Norway. Often, the camping sites have the best spots in any area, just at the bank of a river or a fjord, or even right on a beach.

Most camping sites have cabins for rent, and they can be really cheap. For example; we were 4 people, in Geiranger, in a cabin with these views:

...for NOK 450,00 in total for one night. That is €14 per person. Ok, it was not fancy, it was small, and it was a cabin with just one room and no private bathroom, but my foreign friends loved it. They felt it was the most authentic experience they could have and said they preferred it to a fancy hotel. (-Where we would have paid about €75 per person in a double room.) 

If you want to put up your own tent, that is super cheap. From NOK 50 per night (€6). Included is always access to bathrooms and a kitchen and often also a living room.
There are also a lot of hostels, called Vandrerhjem.
And that's about it for today, I am jumping out into the sunny afternoon! Wish you a lovely day!

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