Monday, June 3, 2013

Experiencing another island, Fuerteventura. The one with the most beautiful beaches, ahh....

A sneak peak to Fuerteventura...

Gran Canaria feels a little far away from everything else. A little isolated if you will. And well, it is far away from everything. It's closer to Africa than Europe/Mainland Spain, (150 km. vs 1350 km. according to Wikipedia) and I have no problems understanding how these people feel less identified with Spain. They refer to mainland Spain people as "peninsulares" and themselves as "canarios".

While I lived in Barcelona, it was extremely easy to travel to different parts of Spain or Southern France or Europe, with Spain's second largest airport and a lot of flights to choose from, or trains. In Gran Canaria not so much. For most canarios, going to the other islands is an obvious choice when going on holidays, and I totally see why. There are seven bigger Canary Islands (and more small ones), and they are relatively close. The communication between them is excellent (ferries and flights) and although you might not think so, each island differ quite a lot. They say "Cada isla tiene su encanto" which means that each island has its own enchantment, different from the others.

So since I arrived to Gran Canaria I have focused my traveling attention to getting to know some of the other islands. I went to Tenerife in January (and I would say the encanto of Tenerife is the national park of El Teide, the volcano/highest peak of Spain, 3718m, magically beautiful!) 

...and then Lanzarote in February (and I would say the encanto of Lanzarote is the volcanoes at Timanfaya National Park- incredible landscapes and the possibility to eat food cooked from volcano heat! To this day one of my coolest travel memories! And well, the delicious wine produced in lava soil was pretty wonderful too.) 

Wines in lava soil

Geysir at Timanfaya National Park
And now, the turn had come to experience Fuerteventura. I had seen pictures from this island, so completely different from the others, and it looked paradisaical. Turquoise waters and long white sandy beaches. I was very curious to experience it myself. El encanto of this island is clearly the beaches/sand dunes. There isn't a lot more to this island, but the beaches are out of this world. The island is not exploited with loads of hotels and there are endless stretches of sand, sand and more sand- dunes/mountains/beaches.

A TIP! When you go to Fuerteventura you need a rental car, it's quite essential cause the island is fairly big, and you'll want to get out of whatever resort you are staying at and see some of the real stuff- the impressive beaches. I have now rented cars several times during my time at the island(s) as I don't own a car (and public transport is rather crappy) and I have found my preferred car rental company. CICAR is a Canary Rental Car company and they offer the best deal without a doubt. Included in the already relatively low rental price you get a full coverage insurance, unlimited mileage, two drivers if you want,  (all things other companies charge quite a lot for) and a map with an audio guide (CD) explaining the highlights of the island you are in. (Very handy!) I saw on their website that they now also have offices on mainland Spain and Balearic islands. The service has always been good, and since everything is included in the rental price you get no nasty surprises. They have offices all over all the islands, and I dare say that you won't find a better deal elsewhere.

I love how the roads cut right through the sand dunes!

The other islands I have visited have a lot to offer, apart from beaches (which is what many people think Canary Islands is all about) but if you get bored with lying on the beach for days, Fuerteventura might not be for you. But a good option is to combine this island with another. The closest ones are Lanzarote and Gran Canaria.

I got to see most parts of the island, and although there are so many beautiful beaches basically all over the island, there was one area that stood out to me: Corralejo, located at the north east of the island.

But there are wonderful, beautiful beaches all over the island. The huge (sandy) area of Jandía in the south is worth checking out, and so are the lagoons of El Cotillo in the north-west.

Have you ever been to or heard of Fuerteventura? 


  1. You have me longing for some beach time. Gorgeous pics.

  2. Hi,
    I am living in Fuerteventura, in Corralejo. Have been here for over a year now. My oldest daughter goes at a spnish school.

    What I like most in Corralejo, is that it is a everyday live here. And then the beaches is just a supply for other things I do in my life. I love to be at the beach with my kids until the sunset! But we are never lying on the beach as the tourist do. But the island is probably most popular if you are interested in sport, are a couple, or have kids. It is not a party island, but a realaxing and beautiful island:)


    1. Hi Elisabeth, thank you for taking time to comment! I feel the same about the beach in Las Palmas, it's such a lovely supplement to everyday life, and used for so many other things than just frying skin :) Fuerteventura is truly beautiful and relaxing, calm and serene.

  3. WHY didn't you tell me about this beach before??? I would have come explored it with you!! LOOK AT THAT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful!! I didn't realize how much Spain's landscape varied. Such another lovely place!

    1. It is crazy varied! From north to south to east to west and then the islands. Spain keeps amazing me anywhere I go :)

  5. I have always wanted to travel there, I have heard so many good things about it! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the tips!

    1. I got the feeling that the island was popular for Germans?! It's truly paradisiac, ahh those beaches...