Monday, June 17, 2013

A Couple More Walls At Mumbai Sunset, Las Palmas

On a couple occasions I have talked about "the wall at Mumbai Sunset," in Las Palmas (lounge bar/restaurant/tetería). Ever since I arrived to Las Palmas I have loved this- they paint a new inspirational quote every Sunday night! 

I must say though, that for my personal liking the quotes were better some time back, and maybe it's just my Spanish that is not good enough to really get them, but they don't make me all that inspired and motivated lately. Maybe someone else can interpret them better than me? 

I have taken a picture of some of them, whenever I have passed by and had the camera with me.

We're living on this planet as if we had another one to move on to
Your interior light makes the universe shine
It's in the heart where wars starts
Roads? Where we are going we don't need...roads
The one who talks with his eyes, can kiss with his gaze
Without freedom of thought, freedom of speech is of no use
 But last week's quote was simple, fabulous and even in English: LIFE'S FOR LIVING

I think my favorite from the past is this one: 

Do as the sun, who wakes up every day without thinking about the night that passed.
In other words live in the now, move forward, and don't stay in the past.
 If you got to choose a quote for this wall, what would you want to put out there? 


  1. I still love these. The first one...oooo...hits home!

  2. That's a great idea though, would keep me going back! In the small village of Nyksund in Vesterålen, there's a box of chalks, and you can write what you like on the stone wall.

    1. Yes I love this! I love the idea of the Nyksund-wall too, I would love to see that!

  3. love the last one too! definitely worth remembering daily :)

    1. It's not easy to live by always but worth remembering daily!