Friday, May 3, 2013

The Most Fabulous Spa/Thalassotherapy Centre I Have Ever Been To

Today I want to talk about Thalassotherapy, as this has become an 'activity' that I can't recommend enough! I am never as relaxed as when I am in a Thalasso centre, and I always leave refreshed.

But first things first, what is Thalassotherapy? The word comes from Greek Thalassa, meaning sea, and therapy I think is quite self-explanatory. Thalassotherapy are spas where seawater is used because of the great benefits sea water provides.

Greek doctors, such as Hippocrates and Galen explained the therapeutic virtues of seawater and recommended this as a way to recover lost health. To this day, these spas are used- apart from the wellness aspect- for people who want to recover more quickly from an injury, people with circulatory problems, arthritis, muscular aches, back aches, fibromyalgia, cervical problems, rheumatism, dermatological issues (such as psoriasis, acne, eczema), asthma, bronchitis, stress etc.

Gran Canaria has quite a few seawater spas (between 20 and 30 I believe). I have been to several different ones thus far, and I would like to share my experience from one (or actually two) of them.

When talking about thalassotherapy here in Gran Canaria, Gloria Palace is one name that usually comes up. 4-star hotels with magnificent thalassotherapy-centres. Gloria Palace Amadores, and Gloria Palace San Agustin. The latter, said to have the most complete Thalassotherapy centre in Europe, and also one of the largest. (All pictures in this post are taken at Gloria Palace Amadores)

I have been twice to Gloria Palace Amadores. It's a bit farther away from Las Palmas but I would go back any day. It's a great centre. There is a cold tub, a hot tub, a larger pool with a circuit with different jets for massages from feet to neck, 'deck chairs' with bubbles, relax area,  sauna, hammam and different showers. The thing that tops all this awesomeness is the views. 

When you're in the pool and look out through the giant floor-to-ceiling-windows/slide doors, all you see is sea, sea, sea. So beautiful and very relaxing. 

Sauna, Hammam,Thermal baths and more deck chairs upstairs
The Thalassotherapy centre at Gloria Palace San Agustin is bigger. The general pool with the circuit of different jets is bigger, and there is also an outdoors pool (how lovely to float around in the sun!) The views are not as fabulous, (although you do see the sea from this one too), and the jets feel a little more general, and not that easy to use if you look for a specific massage. Although both are brilliant, after having visited both, I can say I prefer the Thalasso at Amadores (but they are both great).

The location of the hotel at Amadores is fabulous. Located right at the coast, built into a mountain sort of, you get this serious feeling of being on a cruise ship from various points of the hotel! Here the lobby:

Here one of the terraces with a bar/restaurant:

Another terrace with an infinity pool and a snack bar:

I took these pictures during calima a couple weeks back, so they look sort of 'foggy'.

P.S. You're obliged to wear a bathing suit in these spa's unlike an other spa I visited a while back!


  1. Ah, looks like heaven! Especially as it just started SNOWING here, again.... :) This would definitely be high on my list if I got to Gran Canaria one day. And I just read that post about going naked in a spa. What!? That must have been bit uncomfortable experience... And I think I'll skip the spas in Germany :)

    1. It's amazing!
      Hold on, whaaat? SNOW? Today? Oh dear.
      Haha, about the nakedness at spa- it was the first spa I visited here and although I thought it was just 'how it was' I wasn't all that comfortable with it. (For the sauna I guess it doesn't matter, but not in a jacuzzi please!) I have since been to several others and there are clear posters stating it's obligatory to wear a swimsuit (I guess some people don't feel like it, so they needed to put up posters!)

  2. Sea water minus the sun and the "Oh my god! Something touch my leg!" panic of the ocean? Sign me up!

  3. Um I've reached a whole new level of jealous! Looks beautiful and I am absolutely going here one day.

  4. That does look fantastic and relaxing! I am a very scared of water but it should be fine as long as it is not too deep! Which means not deeper than 1,20m. :)

    1. Very fantastic and relaxing :)I think this is deeper than 1.20!

  5. It really looks like the most fabulous spa.


  6. Looks awesome, maybe we will try the one in San Agustin.. do you know if there are age limited to join? we have a daughter which is 10 years old..
    Og så kom jeg på at jeg kan jo skrive på norsk til deg hehe :)
    Nyt sola og alt sammen for her har vi snø?!! vi har lagt over til sommerdekk.. ja ja vi får håpe det smelter fort! hvitveisen er nå kommet og det er jo såå bra!
    Ha en fin dag! klem fra det kalde nord

    1. Du vettuhva, det synes jeg dere skal! Det er himmelsk herlig. Jeg har kikka på nettsidene deres og jeg finner ingen aldersgrense, men det står at de har gratis barnevakt/lekerom for barn opp til 12 år. Jeg vet ikke om det betyr at aldersgrensen er 12 eller om det bare er et ekstratilbud til foreldrene. Bassenget er litt dypt, så det spørs kanskje også hvor komfortabel hun er med det.
      Snø? Nei å nei. Men jeg synes så på VG at våren skulle være på vei? Så da får vi tro det bare var et siste lite rykk fra kong vinter! Ha en fin dag selv!