Friday, April 12, 2013

United Colors of Benetton sweater for €1? Yes please!

The other day when I talked about some things that have made me smile lately I completely forgot about this!

A most wonderful secret that I have discovered here in Las Palmas. Before moving here I had never owned a Benetton sweater. I always liked them on others though, but I think I just thought they were a little too expensive or something. Anyway, here in Las Palmas there is a Benetton shop (actually two that I know of) that sells out either clothes that might be broken, or just 'leftovers' from other shops when the seasons change. And they sell it so ridiculously cheap!

I have been there several times buying stuff so cheap my heart sings when leaving the shop, but the other day when I just popped by on my way somewhere else they were changing the stock from winter (haha, there's been no "winter" here at all, but they have had woolen sweaters etc for sale anyway) to summer clothes. And you know how they solved that? Well, by putting big piles of the classic Benetton woolen sweaters for sale for €1 and up. €1, €1.99, €2.99 etc. 

I got a lovely sweater for €1 and a pair of pants for €1.99. Made my day! I have previously bought other beautiful sweaters for 2.99 and 4.99 there and been very happy with that too. I am not sure of the full price of these, but I think they are somewhere around €30-40.

You have to be a little cautious though, as some of the items are broken. Usually there is a little sticker where the problem is so you can easily see for yourself if it's something that matters and will keep you from buying, or if it's an easy fix (like a small hole under the arm. I have gotten two of those, easy peasy to fix!) 

They sell clothes for men and women and from the brand Sisley as well.

The store in the picture
 is located on Mesa y Lopez, 
not far from El Corte Ingles in Las Palmas


  1. Outlet shopping! Holla! I don't care how broken something is, odds are for a dollar, I will buy it!


    I have a heap of bags and would love a luggage set. Cannot believe they sell it so cheap, if only they did that here in Aus.

    1. I couldn't believe it either when I first discovered this gem of a shop :D

  3. I haven't run into a Benetton in ages.

    Good job on those steals. That always feels good.