Friday, April 5, 2013

Spanish Music, Spanish Guitar, Music in Spanish etc!

It’s no secret that I am a big music lover. Music is my passion on so many levels and good music can make a huge difference in any day, and especially a blue one. I still remember clear as a day how my favourite street-musician-moments in my time in Spain made me feel while I was listening to them. My very first meeting with the Spanish guitar, in Málaga, was magical, and I think I will never forget it.

These guys even made it to my blog header, and every time I see the picture I remember that wonderful warm afternoon in that narrow street in Málaga, sitting at a small table at a tetería only a few meters from these talented musicians.

Another great moment, was when I came across another super talented guitarist in Barri Gotic in Barcelona. 

I was so lucky to come across this same person 4 times, and I enjoyed all of them immensely. I wrote about it here and here.

People some times ask me if I can recommend some Spanish music and one thing that makes me very happy is when I help people discover and love new music. When I talk (apparently passionately) about music that I love, and people get so curious about it that they listen to it and in one case, go ahead to buy all the albums they can find of that artist. I love spreading the word about good music, so I thought why not do that on here too?

By the way, the friend who bought all the albums of a group I talked about, bought the albums of Chambao, one of my favourite Spanish groups. The concert back in December filled my soul with happy-music-energy that lasted for weeks. Beautiful flamenco-fusion-chill music. (In the post about the concert I posted lots of links to good songs) Chambao is from Málaga.

Obviously there are loads and loads of bands, and I am just going to pick out some of them. Can I please start with Maná, although they are not even from Spain? This Mexican band was the first band I heard about when I moved to Spain. It was my Spanish teacher in the beginners class who recommended it when one of the students asked for good Spanish music. (That’s why it took me some time to even know they weren’t Spanish. I guess the teacher thought the student wanted to listen to music in Spanish and this was her favourite group in Spanish, while I thought she was recommending a Spanish group.) That same month, short after I heard about them for the first time I was lucky to catch them on their tour around Spain. I guess Maná would be characterized as latin rock. This band is still going strong since their start in 1986, and they have won 4 Grammy awards, and 7 Latin Grammy awards, and more, just on a side note.

A "younger" band is Macaco from Barcelona (with members from all over the world). I have been lucky to see these live as well, and they didn't disappoint. They play reggae/latin/rumba.

An old classic is Antonio Flores (1961-1995). Sadly, after his mother died, he went into a deep depression and took his own life, and he actually became more famous after his death than before. One of his biggest hits is "Alba" a song written to/about his daughter, Alba. His music is pop/rock with a touch of flamenco. Antonio Flores was from Madrid.

We also have of Celtic music, Celtas Cortos, from Valladolid. They play Celtic rock! I love Celtic music and it was a nice surprise to find Spanish Celtic music. They have made a whole bunch of albums, and over the years, their style has been influenced by Caribbean music, flamenco, electronic music and reggae.

And now that we're at it, can I please include Hevia as well? This gaitero from Asturias really knows his stuff. (His stuff in this context would be the bag pipe.) Who knew I liked these pipes so much? I didn't until I heard them live in Oviedo.

I would like to add a pop group from Las Palmas as well, Efecto Pasillo. Their song "Pan y Mantequilla" was 'nominated' as the 2012 summer-song by Antena 3. The video was shot in Las Palmas in the area I live!

Another flamenco'ish pop artist that I like is Arrebato from Sevilla

I LOVE finding new music. I don't really ever listen to the radio so I don't know all that 
much about what's out there and what's new. If you have any tips for me on 
Spanish music I would be very happy to hear them!
Happy weekend!


  1. Ilove Spanish music, I adore sevillianas, Spanish guitar...well I love Spain. I like Mana as well, even they are not Spanish

    1. I love so much music in Spanish, not necessarily from Spain! Beautiful language. And I love Spain too :)

  2. I think my favorite activity is to listen to live music...while sipping on some wine. Love.

  3. WoW.. What a beautiful collection! I've already seen Chambao performing live in Barcelona. Waiting for my chance to see Maná perform live. I'm a big fan.

    Well.. I can add to your list some beautiful voices like the magical gymnastic voice of Diana Navarro. She is from Málaga. One of her famous songs is "Sola".
    Of course she has lots of beautiful songs. Listen to "deja de volverme loca"

    Since Málaga and Diana were mentioned, Pablo Alborán has to be mentioned. He is a new artist from Málaga and Diana is like his mentor. His first hit "Solamente Tú" made him famous all over. He performed this song live in a duet with Diana. Listen as well to "Perdóname" in duet with the portuguese artist Carminho

    There is also Vanesa Martín from Málaga and Pastora Soler from Sevilla. Nice voices. Listen to their duet "Vamos"

    Now we fly to México to present Carla Morrison. Her voice is just different. Listen to this beautiful song "Compartir"
    Listen as well to "Eres tú"

    Since we went to Latin America, the dominican Juan Luis Guerra's music must be checked. He won two Grammy Awards. He sang "Bandita Tu Luz" with Maná
    One my favourite songs :)

    From Puerto Rico, please check Kenny García and Pedro Capó.

    I think thats enough. Its a reply not a blog post ;P


    1. Wow wow wow ! :) Que alegría! Muchas gracias Awadh! This is going to be fun, lots of new names here!

      By the way, Juan Luis Guerra is one of my favourite Dominican artists! Since I started dancing salsa abck in 2006 (+merengue and bachata) I have loved his music! And the bachata version of 'Benita tu luz' with Mana is so beautiful!

      I sort of stayed off salsa and salsa related music cause I wouldn't ever finish the post if I included that too :) But maybe I could recommend Ruben Blades? He plays salsa music, but has a beautiful album that is not salsa too (It's called "Tiempos").

      Thank you so much for leaving me this comment! Now I am off to Youtube to listen :)

    2. While you are at it, check Armik. He has some very beautiful guitar melodies. I kinda forget to add him to the list since I was focusing on singers.

      This is my mobile ringtone


    3. Great great great! Will check out! (And lots of goodies among what you previously mentioned, thanks again!)

  4. Love this! Thank you for the new music! I love listening to foriegn music, I find it so soothing.

    Looks like you've been up to lots of adventures :-) Excuse me while I leave tons of make-up comments!

  5. Muchas Gracias! I also want to add Strunz & Farah, Ottmar Liebert, Jose Feliciano and Oscar Lopez

    1. Thank you for adding more new names to the list, will for sure check them out!

  6. I started playing the Spanish Guitar when I was a young girl. I lost my talent years ago, but I still swoon when I hear a Spanish guitar playing.

    1. How lovely that you learned how to play the Spanish guitar Tina!! I can't get enough of it when it's well played, love it.