Monday, April 15, 2013

Pueblos con Encanto / Charming Canary Towns ~ Teror

In my quest to present Gran Canaria as a tourist destination beyond just beaches and sunny weather,
today, it's time to present another beautiful little town of Gran Canaria.

Welcome to Teror!

Teror is one of the oldest municipalities of Canary Islands and located just about 20 km. 
from Las Palmas, and it's a beautiful place for a day trip. 

I fell in love with the main street, lined with houses in different colours, with wooden balconies. So pretty!

Every Sunday, a market fills the plazas around the town centre.

And there are two mandatory things to buy / try at the market!
Chorizo de Teror (speadable delicious chorizo) and : 

"Lazos de miel"- I seriously think this must be one of the nicest tasting pastry/cake I have ever eaten. (And I have eaten a lot of cake!) Can't describe it, but it's a must to try!

The convent of Cister makes and delivers all sorts of treats and cakes that are being sold at this market. I love this, it reminds me of the lovely Caelum in Barcelona. 

The basilica is beautiful by the way, if it's open - go inside!

Outside the Basilica there were some stalls that sold candles and something else: 

Sort of creepy isn't it? I found out that you can buy these wax models of every part of the human body, 
that you can then offer to the Virgin for healing... 
And as always- a little map to show where on the island to find Teror! Go visit!


  1. Very cute! The wooden balconies and accents makes me think of Switzerland--I'd love to check this place out.

    1. I'd highly recommend it! Especially as a winter escape when it's cold in Madrid! Here it's been summer all winter, and it's been surreal (in that I lose a little track of what month we are in as I tend to remember/keep track of months/years according to the weather) but completely lovely!

  2. This is adorable!!!!! umm, EVERY part of the body? :)

  3. So quaint. I enjoy these little gems you discover.