Monday, April 22, 2013

Heat wave, Calima & Busy Wonderfulness

Happy Monday everyone! This past week was a busy one here, lots of work and lots play as well. I attended an intensive 16 hour photo course and I am looking forward to hopefully improve my photos with all the new stuff I learned. I also went to the most fabulous spa for the second time. (No naked jingle bells here, just pure relaxation.Thanks for that!) I am planning a trip to another Canary Island, and have experienced this 'weather phenomenon' they have here from time to time called Calima.

So, this weekend a heat wave has washed over the island and it's been interesting. I experienced several heat waves on mainland Spain, the heaviest one last summer when I went to Logroño and it felt like I was walking inside a baking oven! I was actually planning that trip to Northern Spain to get away from the intense heat in Barcelona, only to find myself in the middle of this intense heat wave. Barcelona is seriously HOT in July/August. Too much for Norwegian me. So when I heard we were getting a heat wave here this weekend I was wondering how it would be to feel that again.

This whole winter the climate here has been more or less stable and lovely. 18 degrees C at the coldest (night/morning or cloudy/windy days), but on warm sunny days it's been in the higher end of the 20's. It has been lovely. To me, this is the most perfect average temperature. In the south of the island, it's usually a few degrees warmer, but the Las Palmas temperature is just about what I'd call perfect. Hot without it being agonizing.

Satellite picture of the islands and Calima via
Calima in short, is warm winds with sand/dust particles from Sahara, and since the islands are not that far away from Sahara (only about 100 km.) this happens every now and then. The sand particles reduce visibility and it resembles the sensation of fog, although unlike foggy weather, calima is hot and dry. The air is warm, the winds are warm. And during calima, every surface gets covered by a thin brownish layer of dust.

I took a picture at the beach, just to try to illustrate this. Sort of foggy.

And another one. You can't see the mountain at the back, (which is the mountain close to Agaete in Gran Canaria) and clearly you don't see the peak of el Teide, Tenerife (which you don't even always see.)

Maybe not the easiest to show with a picture, it just look like a bad quality picture. (And this is in the post after I talk about how I went to a great photo course oh well!)

I love how it's been dry heat, and not humid agonizing heat ala Barcelona. It's completely different and so much easier to tolerate. This morning the air feels fresher than the previous mornings, maybe it's getting back to normal. 

Wish you all a lovely week!


  1. Husker første gang jeg opplevde en Calima, vi var på besøk hos svigerfar & co som bodde i Arguineguin. Vi satt ute på terrassen og jeg ble så trøtt i øynene hehe skikkelig "sand" innpå dem. Det jeg trodde var tåke var faktisk sand i lufta og det var såå varmt. Når Calimaen ga seg ble det stoore dønninger på stranda i et par dager etterpå. Svære bølger som rullet inn, det ble også mye vind. Vet ikke hvordan det blir i Las Palmas, men i Arguineguin/puerto rico bruker det ikke å være så mye vind, så det var en ny opplevelse :)
    Jeg håper du holder ut i varmen, skulle ønske det var meg :) Bare 113 dager igjen til det blir min tur til å se sola og palmene igjen, og gjett om vi gleder oss!! Ha en fin-fin dag! Klem fra meg

    1. Hei du! Interessant. Her i Las Palmas er det både vind og bølger rett som det er (dvs på noen deler av stranda er det alltid bølger-og masse surfere) men jeg vet at det er roligere i Arguineguin. Det er liksom alltid varmt der, lite vind og lite skyer og regn. Heten har gitt seg, nå er det bare 'vanlig' deilig sommervarmt :)
      112 dager til det er din tur :) Ha en flott dag selv!

  2. "No naked jingle bells"---LOL! Happy for you for that. :-)

    Your pictures are good---I can't believe that's not fog!

    I'm so used to cold weather now, high 20s sound too warm to me! I grew up in Southern California and was used to coping with 30+ but it's all different after seven years in Norway. In SoCal, we had the hot Santa Ana winds that blew in from the Mojave Desert, usually in the fall. They were good for driving the fog off the coast and creating beautiful beach days but bad for making any wildfires really bad. No sand with them, though, so that's nice! ;-)

    1. Hehe, thank you Michele. I have learned that I prefer a spa where people wear bathing suits :)

      So can you get used to cooler temperatures? That is great! I don't seem to get used to heat. I really struggled in the worst summer heat in Barcelona. I prefer the maximum being around 28.

  3. That satellite photo is crazy! Seeing all of that dust blow across the ocean...amazing! That's how Eastern Washington (where I live) is a LOT of the time. I used to love wind storms. In Oregon, they are awesome...wind blowing through the peaceful! Here, the wind blows dust and dirt and that thin layer of gross ends up inside my house!

    1. The winds in Oregon sound a lot nicer than winds in Eastern Washington!! We don't want dust and dirt inside!

  4. THANK GOD for the heat wave, which made London just a tad warmer, and my life a little better!