Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Timanfaya National Park

I am not quite done with Lanzarote yet, and if I had to pick one favourite thing from this trip, it would definitely be the visit to Timanfaya National Park. I recommend it with all my heart
if you ever go to Lanzarote.

It is so beautiful and very fascinating. 

So, this national park is entirely made up of volcanic soil. 
It is rugged, it is black/red/brown/grey and  it is completely beautiful.

During 6 year long eruptions between 1730-1736, this area was covered in lava, again and again. 
It changed the island completely. Inhabitants fled before their villages (a total of 9 villages) 
were completely covered in lava.

The last eruptions from the volcano Timanfaya (which is still active) was in 1824.

Access to the park is strictly regulated, and the only way to see the "Ruta de Volcanes" is by getting on a bus taking you around this beautiful, completely volcanic landscape. 
Such a beautiful experience.

That is one huge crater!
 There is a visitor centre a little outside the National Park, explaining a lot about volcanoes in general and the volcanic history of Lanzarote. This model is from there:

At the car park/ the top of the volcano Hilarios islet, from where you get on the bus, there is a demonstration of the underground heat. Geysir's, "barbecue" etc. There is a restaurant, El horno-Asador de Timanfaya = The stove/grill of Timanfaya. What's so special about this? That the food is cooked on heat from the volcano! That is so cool! There's no other source of heat than the hot air coming up from the ground.
A post is coming up on all this, very fascinating!

The entrance fee (€9) to the National Park 
includes the bus ride of about 40 minutes, 
and a demonstration of the heat underground. 


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