Friday, March 15, 2013

The mountain of fire (Montaña del Fuego). Geysir's. And what about volcano-cooked food? All this at Timanfaya, Lanzarote!

Definitely the highlight of my trip to Lanzarote!
When you visit Timanfaya National Park, and do the amazing, spectacular, beautiful bus tour on the Ruta de Volcanes, you'll also get a demonstration of the underground heat, at what they call 
"La Montaña del Fuego" (The Mountain of Fire).

10 cm underground the temperature is about 160 degrees C. 
You'll be able to pick up small stones from the ground and basically burn your hands, they are that warm. 
10 meters down, the temperature is about 400 degrees C. 
At 13 meters, it's 600 degrees C. 

Steam coming up from the ground.
 To demonstrate this, they have put tubes down into the ground. 
Then they pour water into these tubes, and voila- in just a couple of seconds, you have a geysir of steam!

Furthermore, there is a ditch a few meters deep, also for demonstration. 

They throw in some dry branches and in just a couple seconds, it ignites. 

When the branches had burnt off, I got close to the ditch to look into it, (and almost burnt off my eye lashes! At least that's what it felt like...) and there's no secrets and no explanation other than the air 
down there being so hot it will set things on fire.

At the top of the volcano Hilarios islet (right next to the car park), there is a restaurant, El horno-Asador de Timanfaya = The stove/grill of Timanfaya. What's so special about this? 
That the food is cooked on heat from the volcano! That is so cool! 
There's no other source of heat than the hot air coming up from the ground.

Roast chicken is their specialty, and I must say I don't think I have ever tasted a more juicy, delicious piece of chicken!  Factors like the majestic volcanic landscape outside the windows in this round restaurant... 

...and the fact that cooking food on volcanic hot air is so special...

...definitely take part of this wonderful eating experience, and I would absolutely recommend 
having a nice lunch in this restaurant. 

Prices were surprisingly OK for being such a unique restaurant too.

The restaurant is open from 12:00-15:30. We arrived later than that, but a waiter told us that we could get a stamp on our ticket to come back the next day for the restaurant, so that's what we did when we left the Natural Park.(You pay to get in, and the bus tour is included) It's nice that they were flexible about that and I am so happy I got to eat here. Volcano-cooked food!! 


  1. volcano cooked food sounds amazing. i really wish to see how the cooking process looks like! I want to go to canary islands once again, this time to Gran Canaria or Lanzarote, maybe (because of vulcano d=food:)

    1. It was amazing! And very fascinating. I love to see and learn new stuff and this was definitely nothing I had ever seen before :) So happy we got the chance to come back the next day to eat at the restaurant. Lanzarote is a great destination. For beaches not really (always super windy there for instance) but for other experiences it was fabulous!

  2. What a cool experience! Our school is currently focusing on New Zealand, a country which has a related practice of cooking food. Anyway, after we read about how the Maori cook a feast called "hangi" using the earth, one of my (Spanish) students shared about this is similar method in the Canary Islands.

    It's uncanny that your post came out just as I was learning about this for the first time! It was great to have pictures to go with the images in my head :)

    1. A very cool experience, loved it! How fun that you had just heard about it in New Zealand (I had not idea about this before seeing it in Lanzarote either!) and I am happy you enjoyed the pictures :)

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    1. Gracias Tobyo, me parece muy interesante tambien :)