Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Carnaval is on! 

The Carnaval de Las Palmas goes on for almost a month every year. 
There are galas every weekend, as well as big street parties where people dress up and 
drink ... way too much. At night there are chiringuitos and live music and daytime, different parades and kids dressing up. Carnaval is mostly celebrated during the weekends, but yesterday was "Martes de Carnaval", a local holiday here in Las Palmas, and I got to see a parade. Actually, it passed by right outside my window!

I live right off the beach of Las Canteras, and yesterday was the "Carnaval al sol", a walking
 parade passing all the way along the boardwalk of Las Canteras. (There are different kinds of parades during these weeks.) It didn't turn out to be a sunny Carnaval-day though, heavy clouds with a raindrop now and then dominated the sky, but the parade certainly lit up most faces along the boardwalk. 
The colours, the costumes, the rhythms and the dancing. Energy!

Something I thought about, again and again, was how brave these women are!
They were dancing along that boardwalk with next to nothing covering up their body,
proudly shaking their behinds and I couldn't help thinking it would not be easy for me to do that!
I am ok in a bikini at the beach but this is ... something... completely... different.
And it wasn't just skinny girls, far from it but it didn't stop them. 
Now that is inspiring and just wonderful! 

And just a few more pictures of some lovely costumes now that I am at it!


  1. Jeg er bare så glad for at jeg fant bloggen din :) takk og takk for alt du skriver og deler med oss. Vi var ett år på gran canaria i februar, men vi var for tidlig ute, fikk bare se et par kostymer. Dette her var så artig å få se :)

    1. Så innmari hyggelig å høre :) Takk for at du leser. Klem

  2. The costumes are so cool! I love to watch parades like that! Carnival is a big deal in Germany too!

    1. I didn't know there was big carnivals in Germany too! In Norway it's just for kids dressing up in kindergarden one day really and nothing more.

  3. WOW!! The colors are brilliant! What fun to have these parades right outside your door!

    1. It was fun! I had forgotten about it, when I heard the drums. Looked out the window and there they were! :)

  4. everything there look so fabulous.