Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Neigbour Island

Normally, when looking out to sea from Playa de Las Canteras 
in Las Palmas, all you see is just more sea. I love that by the way. 
Coming from inland Norway, whenever I went to the coast, 
I loved looking out to sea. It's so relaxing. 

But on some occasions there's something in the horizon. 
Sometimes if the weather is clear, we can see Tenerife, the neighbour island, from Gran Canaria. 
Well, what you see the best is El Teide, a volcano which is actually the highest point in 
Spain with 3718 meters (12,198 ft). 

Like this night, beautiful light just after sunset:

I have never seen Tenerife as clear as this day, normally the views are like the photo above. 
(Both photos are taken from the same location, just at a different angle.) 

But right now as we speak, I am there! I am off exploring this island this week!


  1. So beautiful! I cannot wait to see more of your explorations!

    1. Thank you Patty! It has been wonderful days in Tenerife!

  2. That's amazing that that's the same place and what you can see is so different! Gorgeous!

    1. It's very fascinating that most times there's nothing on the horizon and then bam! Suddenly there's a whole other island :)

  3. WHOA! That sunset is actually intoxicating!