Thursday, January 24, 2013

Teide National Park

The trip to the National Park of Teide in Tenerife made a deep impression on me. 
I had never been to a volcano before, and I didn't know what to expect. 
It was so interesting how the landscape constantly changes on the way up there. 

After passing through the town of Orotava, you drive through a pine forest, 
from about 1000-2100 meters above sea level. The suddenly at one point, there's no more trees, 
and you enter a desert that varies from sand, to small stones, to bigger stones to 
enormous rock formations. 

The park is centered around the highest peak in Spain, Teide, of 3718 meter, 
 third largest volcano in the world from its base. It is currently dormant.

The landscape constantly varies in colours from sandy beige, to green, to red,
 to brown, to black. Very fascinating and so beautiful.

For the aboriginals of the Canary Islands, the Guancehs, Teide was a place of worship.

It was decleared National Park in 1954, making it one of the oldest National Parks in Spain.

Apparently there are significant similarities between the planet Mars and the landscape of Teide National Park, which makes the park ideal for testing instruments that will travel to Mars!

I took way too many pictures up there, but I just couldn't help myself- it was so beautiful.

A perfect day trip when in Tenerife! 


  1. I have never been to a volcano either and this looks amazing. So interesting how the landscape changes, I had no idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! And fascinating about the Mars instruments. I love the one five up, with the sun just peaking over...they're all gorgeous!

  3. Wow.. It really seems like Canary Islands have everything interesting to offer. I am really looking forward to visit that amazing place.

    Keep enjoying life

    1. It really is diverse and has great stuff hidden away! I am looking forward to exploring more islands :) They say every island "tiene su encanto" - that they are unique and different.

  4. That's beautiful, in a very barren way! It's funny how I always thought how the Canaries where just a tourist trap, but you've definitely shown that there is SO much more.

    1. I also thought exactly the same, so when I found out it wasn't I felt the "need" to share the good news haha. I plan to show unexpected things from the Canaries, and there really are a lot! :)