Monday, January 14, 2013

Compay Segundo in Las Palmas

It's no big secret that music is my life. Or at least a huge part of it. I love going to concerts, and yesterday I had the luck to see another great band live here in Las Palmas. I have still not 'recovered' after the most wonderful Chambao-concert in December, it made a deep impression on me. But yesterday, it was time for a refill in my music-happiness-tank and this time some good old son Cubano, with Grupo Compay Segundo was on the menu. 

Compay Segundo (1907 - 2003) was a famous Cuban musician and composer. He was one of the 'stars' of the documentary and the album of Buena Vista Social Club. When he died in 2003, Grupo Compay Segundo was formed with the remaining musicians from his former band, Compay Segundo y sus Muchachos.  His son plays the double bass in the band (he's the one on the flyer.)

Compay wrote my favourite son-song, Chan Chan, the opening track on the album of the movie. Every time I hear it I get goosebumps all over. Yesterday, hearing it live with his group was no exception, in case you wondered!! It was a great, memorable concert and I am so grateful to have had the chance to hear them live!


  1. Beautiful! I want to experience this live!!

  2. Beautiful song! I've loved this type of music for a long time, I'm so jealous of the area in your neck of the woods! Have you seen Motorcycle Diaries? It has some really fantastic Cuban music as well.

    1. I have also loved this kind of music for such a long time! I have seen Motorcycle Diaries as well, love it! Have you seen Buenavista Social Club? I recommend it! Great musicians, so humble and so talented, with beautiful personalities, set in beautiful Cuba.