Saturday, January 12, 2013

Canary Islands- not Spain either...

I will admit it that I had a bit of a hard time understanding how and why Catalunya wanted to not be 
part of Spain when I first arrived. But then I got used to it as you kind of bump into it all the time. 
(Catalunya wants to be an independent state, in case you didn't know. 
I didn't know this before living there.) 

Anyway, things aren't that different here: 

The Canary Islands also like the idea of in independency, however they don't have 
such strong ideas of how and when. They just feel separate from Spain, and I understand that. 
We are very far from mainland Spain! 

I have talked to several locals about this, and they all seem to have the same opinions more or less. They feel separate from Spain in geography, climate and culture. Spain is very diverse and change a lot from region to region, but I agree that life here is the most different from what I have learned
 to be more "typical spanish" anywhere else. 


  1. What do you find better than catalunya so far?

    1. Oh, this is such a complex question! There are pros and cons with both places, but really they are so different I feel like they are different countries almost ;) Climate will have to come first I think, Catalunya can get really cold in winter while here it's warm and nice all year around. Priceless!
      People smile here! ;) A lot more than up north haha. To me that is a huge advantage as I love being met with friendly faces!
      Life is more relaxed here.
      The beaches are stunning here, clean and natural.
      I am sure I will think of more things after I hit "publish" but this is what springs to mind at first!

  2. I guess it all goes back to the crisis.. I know that Catalunya is fighting for its independence for many years.. but I never heard that it is getting real serious till recently.. that's why I'm linking it to the crisis.

    I find it really weird coz if they just read the history of Andalusia, they would've known that separation and independence isn't the best choice.

    “We learn from history that we do not learn from history” Georg Hegel

    1. There's a lot of history and politics in this subject, and I don't know enough to really speak up about it. But Catalunya was once a 'country' with their own king and language etc, before it was "taken" by Spain. And then later the language was suppressed during the regime of Franco etc etc. And money is also an issue, and probably one of the things spiking the discussion at the moment. Canary Islands also had their own people and language way back, and was "taken" by Spain. But these days, I think it's the physical distance from mainland Spain which makes the canarios not identify too much with Spain. It's so very different culturally and geographically, and then there's the climate of course :)

      I like the quote!

  3. I think it's incredibly intriguing that Catalunya has such a different culture! I really need to brush up on my history :/

    1. I didn't have much idea about their history either before moving there! But definitely fascinating!

  4. I think that's a big problem in Spain. if every regin starts saying that "this is not spain this is X", at the end there won't be Spain but only 17 small countries. any big country has big differences between regions. we just have to learn these differences and live with them.

    about Catalunya. it's not true that it was a kingdom. they say that but it's false. it was part of the Kingdom of Aragon (Aragon is another region and they don't say that all the time). I lived in Barcelona for 3 years and I realized they love whinning all the time.

    I consider Spain as a lucky country having so many different cultures and customs and definetly we should learn to coexist with that.

    1. To me, coming from Norway which is not like this AT ALL, it was very strange to me at first. Norway is Norway, and we present ourselves as Norwegians most of us I think, and not according to what region we come from. We are a united nation, and when I first came to Spain it surprised me that several regions in Spain has such strong wills to be independent.

      I am afraid I can't say I know enough about all the politics and history behind Catalunya's wish to be independent to really speak about it or understand it. But here in Canarias I actually understand it, as they are so separated geographically. I understand that it is hard to feel a strong connection to a part of the country that are so far away and so many people actually never even have been to. The islands feel a bit isolated from 'the rest of the world'.

      But I have not met anyone who aggressively want Canarias to be independent, like in Catalunya. My impression here it that it's all about a feeling of identity, but that no one (?) really wants to change things. That is just my impression anyway...

      But I agree that Spain is wonderfully fascinating with all the differences you can find from one part of the country to the next and so rich in culture and history!

  5. Those islands seem much more African than Spanish! But I guess it's also weird that the USA owns Hawaii and Alaska...