Friday, December 14, 2012

My Garden aka Playa de las Canteras

Welcome to "my garden". I am enjoying it very much, I have never had a more beautiful garden at my disposal just outside my front door, and my favourite thing to do is going for walks at Las Canteras
with my feet deep in the silky sand as the waves wash over my feet- the most relaxing thing.

I have been keeping an eye with the tides. I grew up in inland Norway and it fascinates me how the tides change so much during the day. The beach of Las Canteras in Las Palmas is about 3,5 km long,
and it's curved. Some places it is wider than other places, and at those most narrow places,
at high tide there is no beach left. The two following photos are taken at the same place,
at high tide and low tide:

Crazy difference or what? 

The cycle is something around two weeks from what I have noticed, where the tide is high in the morning one week, and then gradually going to being high in the afternoon the second week.

The beach itself changes quite a lot from one end to the other. If we start at one end, just next to Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, a beautiful concert hall, we have the part of the beach called la Cicer, also called 
"Arco Sur", the south arc. This is the "area deportivo", a part of the beach dedicated to sports. 
Surf, football, jugar a las palas. 

There are several surf schools in Las Palmas, and many people come here on surf-holidays, 
apart from the loads of locals who surf here every single day. 

Always people playing football there
There are even knobs to hang up your backpack while you do your sports, handy!

The sand is black here, and when the sun shines on it, it glitters as if it was full of diamonds!

Then after the sporty part of the beach ends, and we enter the "Arco Central", the sand changes colour as well. First a mix of black and golden...

...and then all golden.

There is a "Barra" /reef (?) from here on and to the other end of the beach, stopping the waves, thus making this part of the beach a little calmer. The names of the beaches here is "La Peña de la Vieja" and "Playa Chica". The first one because of the big rock called "Peña la vieja", and the other one, cause it's a small (chica) beach that is separated from the rest of the beach at high tide. 

In the Arco Central, a part of the beach has quite a lot of volcanic rocks. Just a few years ago, apparently this wasn't even visible, but the tide has taken so much sand out to sea and uncovered these volcanic rocks. (They say it's a cycle, the tides takes and brings back the sand.) When the tide is high you can't see most of it, but when it's low you can appreciate how huge it is. 

Then at the other end of the beach is "Arco Norte", the north arc, also known as Playa Grande (big beach) and La Puntilla, the very end of the beach. The beach is about 120 meters at the widest here. Also protected by a barra, which sometimes makes this part at low tide like a swimming pool, the waters 
are so calm. People say it's wonderful to go snorkeling at the barra, lots of fish in different colours!

La barra
The tide flush a lot of seaweed up onto the beach, and in the mornings this is being removed and driven away, big loads of seaweed. I wonder what is done with it, if it's used for something?!

I am very grateful for this garden! It really couldn't be more wonderful!


  1. I am more than a little jealous of your garden! :)

    1. I think I would be too if it wasn't mine haha, I love it so much!

  2. Your garden is ok.. nice.. you know, like nothing special <--- absolutely jealous :P

    Amazing pictures!

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  4. Oh wow, I love the way the sand looks! So interesting!

    1. I love how it feels! Silky, velvety sand, love it!

  5. What a garden it is!! And even though I love life in Norway, I can also understand why you moved away from here.... :)

    1. Well, after having lived away I can appreciate the good bits about Norway more. But yes, I am pretty pleased with life in Spain too :)