Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting in the Spirit for Christmas

Christmas is very cozy in Norway. At least it has always been with my family.
There are decorations, there are Christmas cookies, a big beautiful lovely-smelling Christmas tree.
Gløgg (The scandinavian version of mulled wine, although just as much enjoyed without alcohol.),
Christmas chocolates, Santas and angels, lots of candles and a good warm house while it's
dark and snowy outside. And most importantly, quality time with family.
To me, all this makes Christmas.

The weeks leading up to Christmas in Spain are very different.
Yes, there are decorations and lots of Nativity Scenes. But the rest is just not there and it's
not like there's anything wrong with that, just that it's different from what I am used to and it seems I have 'problems' getting in the right spirit without all of it present.

Now, living in Las Palmas it's been even more difficult, as the climate is so wonderful it is like summer in the middle of winter! In Barcelona, although there's no winter like winter in Norway, there is definitely winter.

I loved how Barelona was Christimas-decorated. I posted about that here and here, have a look, it's so pretty! Anyway, before I left Las Palmas to go "home" for Christmas, I had to go for a walk around the city center to see if there was some Christmas spirit to be found. And although there are no spruces, palmtrees are just as good for putting on Christmas lights!

 Yep, Las Palmas also know how to decorate for Christmas. Very pretty!
What do you need to get in the right spirit? 


  1. To be honest, I think I just found my spirit TODAY! I'm not sure how or why, but I'm actually listening to Christmas music, which I NEVER do! hahaha! I think now that it's FINALLY Friday, after this yucky long week, I'm ready for a four day week to go home and spend time with my family! The Spirit finally found me! Merry Christmas, my dear friend! Love you!!

  2. Pepperkaker, julemusikk, smånisser, rødt,sølv,hvitt,grønt og snø! I år kom julestemningen ganske sent, men det gjør ingenting, for snart er julekvelden her som skal feires med stor familie og god mat <3 gaver som jeg vet andre blir glad for, en kveld med masse glede :) Ønsker deg en fantastisk jul, og et riktig godt nyttår <3 kommer til å følge deg inn i 2013 også, gleder meg! Klem

    1. God liste! Julestemningen kom sent her også, men jeg tror den er i havn nå så da kan det bare bli jul. Hvitt er det ute også, veldig koselig! Ønsker deg også en fantastisk jul og et herlig godt nytt år! Kos deg!

  3. Me too - it\s hard to find the spirit here but perhaps its because it we are far from 'home' or the familiar place we started in. I loved Christmas in Cornwall - all the villages lit up with lights, the ones in Mousehole being the most famous. Carol singing, christmas lunches with friends where you could actually get vegetarian things that were delicious. Lots of stuff that I didn't like very much like long queues in the supermarket. crappy adverts on TV, tacky things in the shops and the stress of it all - but even those things made the atmosphere 'right'
    We are away in the countryside, no tree this year as my Catalan partner doesn't like them, it's a funny atmosphere as we are breaking away from his pattern of spending the days with family even though they aren't really close. So, we'll see! I have the Christmas CD ready and usually I play it while wrapping presents which I'll do tomorrow. I need a few carols although I'm not religious at other times of year. Happy christmas! Kate x

    1. Thank you Kate. I think you are very right. It's incredible how traditional I am when it comes to Christmas, and I prefer it to be just as "it's always been". I hope you find your Christmas spirit and have a lovely Christmas with your partner.x

  4. Those Christmas lights on the palm trees, streets and the first picture are to die for. I have to say i do miss celebrating Christmas in England. There's something about the cold weather that makes the festivities much merrier

    I won't be doing much this year as i'm working through Christmas and New Year. Thank you for the lovely comment on my guest post at Vanisha's :)

    xo Stephanie

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I have never spent Christmas in a warm sunny place and I am not sure how that would be. I just feel like "I need" the cold and dark to realize it's Christmas, so I understand you miss England at this time of the year! Although you have to work, I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Here is hoping you had a very Merry Xmas!

    Enjoyed these pics.