Monday, December 17, 2012

Figueres and the Art Museum of Salvador Dalí

A while back I wrote about the visit to the home of Salvador Dalí, surrealist art genious. I loved seeing his home, the crazy  original decor, seeing his creative space, where all his beautiful art came to life.

I've been a fan of Dalí's art as long as I can remember. Especially the colourful, surrealist pieces. It fascinated me how you could keep discovering new details the longer you kept looking at them. 

I always knew there was some connection between Barcelona and Dalí and that was another thing that drew me to Barcelona in the first place. (One more of many, many reasons!)

A trip to Figueres was absolutely mandatory for a fan like me! I had already visited Cadaqués, the beautiful seaside town he spent his summers as a child, and later settled down. Or well, just outside of Cadaqués, in  Port Lligat. Figueres was next on my (Dalí-) list

Figueres is a city about 140 km. north of Barcelona, not far from the French border, and it's the city where the genious of Dalí took his first breath of air. It is also where his big art museum is located. The building of the museum itself is already entertaining from the outside. Bright pink, with golden somethings on the walls and eggs lining the top of the roof. Of course there had to be eggs! Dalí designed the museum himself! 

Apart from being fascinating on the outside, the museum is definitely fascinating on the inside too. It houses the single largest and most diverse collection of his works. Paintings, sculptures, collages in 3D, a living room with furniture built up as the face of Mae West when you look at it from one specific angle, etc. 

An interesting staircase...

Ah, and Dalí was buried in the crypt of the museum.

Very well worth a visit, if you're a fan like me, you'll be happily entertained for hours!