Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Smile, please!

The other day, walking around Las Palmas, a big poster caught my eye. It was very colourful and the words “Sonría, por favor” (Smile, please) shouted at me. I smiled! And got closer to see what it was about.  

The poster read out: "The most important thing is using humor. It's free and does not wear out!
So true!

It was an exhibiton about humor and smiling! How neat. El museo Elder de la ciencia y la tecnología is currently hosting this free outdoor exhibition, with big panels explaining fun facts
related to humor and smiling. 

Like this one for instance. I especially like the highlighted part: 

Humor and the genders: 

It states that men seems to enjoy a more hostile humor than women. (I agree! I am often astounded how "mean" humor between males can be!)  Further it says that men use humor to show women 
that they are good entertainers.

Women are more sensitive to spontaneous humor in sosial interactions, and I believe that is true too. 
It states that women show a bigger activation in the left front half of the Neocortex & Mesolimbic regions.   

Humor and Mental & Physical health:

That humor can contribute to a good emotional & physical health is not new to me. But I think it's very interesting that laughter and a good mood can relieve pain and stress.

The Right Hemisphere & Mirror Neurons

The scenario and the fun part of a story is detected in the right hemisphere, and the mirror neurons responds to the perception of others experience. Which means that when we watch someone laugh it can induce laughter in ourselves, even though we don't why they are laughing. Funny, but very true. I often smile at people who are smiling or laughing, it's contageous! (For me anyway, not always the case in customer service situations in Barcelona though.)

Laugh muscles? Yes sir!

Do Animals laugh? According to this, yes!  

Love it! Cats, rats, gorillas and chimpanzees. The two latter without showing their teeth unlike humans, as showing teeth is a sign of fear or aggressiveness.

I love everything on this subject, I enjoy reading scientific articles on happiness, and the importance of that as well as humor and smiling. Just that someone actually made such an exhibition made me smile all day long. I loved it! It was fun and interesting. 

While I was taking my time in front of each panel, reading the text, snapping some photos before moving on to the next one, a lot of people hurried past me and some looked at me with wonder. (Not at the walls I was looking at, but me.) Why on earth was I taking pictures of these walls? Of course I don’t know if these people had already seen it, but it made me think about something. When you are new somewhere, you notice everything with much more detail. It is very refreshing, to look up and around insted of just on the ground in front of me. Do you take time to look up and actually notice what's around you?

The posters are in Spanish and English, and can all be seen online here if you are interested. If you are around and want the real thing, go by the museum, just between the port / shopping centre El Muelle, 
and Parque Santa Catalina.


  1. I love this!!!! And I love getting completely lost in laughter. A wise friend once told me, never trust someone who can't belly laugh. It means they can't lose control.

    Sometimes, it feels so good to lose control.

  2. I absolutely love this! I strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine. No matter how frowny faced I may be, a good laugh always makes everything better! And you are SO RIGHT with your observance that, when you're in a new place, you take everything in with a different view and a different sense of appreciation. THAT is one of my favorite parts about traveling...seeing everything for the first time!

    1. Definitely one of my favorite parts of traveling as well! And as we have talked about, a smile is worth a million :)

  3. "When you are new somewhere, you notice everything with much more detail"

    100% ture :)

  4. Veldig bra poeng med å legge merke til det man har omkring seg! Jeg er oppvokst på et sted med fosser og fjell, og vi flirte mye av turistene som hang ut av bilvinduene og fotograferte. Etter å bodd i utlandet en stund, klarte jeg imidlertid å se alt med andre øyne. Hilsen nyttbokmanuspågang!

    1. Haha, ja tenke seg til å beundre slike hverdagslige ting ;) Jeg ser også Norge på en helt annen måte nå, før var det jo bare der, det var sånn det var og ikke noe spesielt. Knall med nyttbokmanuspågang!

  5. I think this is a great idea for an exhibition! I definitely notice a lot more when I'm somewhere new, I think that's why I like going back to places a few times to really be able to experience it the way the locals do :)

    1. I also love coming back to places I really love. Keep on digging and discovering.

  6. What a charming campaign!! Such a positive thing to remind the city about!