Monday, November 5, 2012

Mumbai Sunset, Las Palmas

One of the first days here in Las Palmas, walking along the beautiful city beach, Las Canteras, something caught my eye. It was a wall between two buildings, painted in black, with an inspirational quote painted on it. Again, I wish I had my camera, but I didn’t. I thought it was so cool that someone had painted an inspirational quote on a big wall just like that. 

It read: No te preocupes por las cosas, ocupate con ellas.  
Translated into English, it would be something like “Don’t worry about the things, take care of them.”

Some days later, I was in the area again, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the wall was changed! It wasn’t the same quote and I was pretty sure the wall was in a different colour as well. Once again, I did not have my camera, nor anything to jot down the quote. 

So…some days later I went back, with my camera to finally take a picture of this wonderful wall…
only to find that the wall was changed again! 

This time it read out:

Which means something like: “In the streets, elbow against elbow, we are much more than two.” Which can be interpreted in many ways, so I'll let you interpret yourself. But "Codo a codo" in Spainsh is an expression for working together, or cooperating.

The wall belongs to the lounge bar/restaurant/tetería Mumbai Sunset, located just next door to the wall. I thought it was cool that they had an inspirational quote there, but I think it’s fantastic that they seemed to change it quite a lot too. I love positive psychology and really enjoy some good inspirational quotes.

So, I had to find out what this was all about, and I found out that every Sunday night, they paint a new quote on this wall. And how do they choose the quotes? Through a “competition” on Facebook, from Monday to Sunday, where people can write their own inspirational quotes and collect likes. The one with the most likes, will be painted on the wall, while the winner enjoys 2 free Gin & Tonics. I love this concept! 

And now that I know it is changed every week, I’ll make sure to pass by every week and get inspired, I love it! Maybe I’ll share the quote of the week if you’re interested?


  1. Yes! Share a quote of the week. How cute!

  2. This is AWESOME! I'm a huge fan of inspirational quotes as well. And how cool to share them in such a public forum!

  3. I love this idea and I especially enjoy that first quote.

    The difference between worrying and doing is powerful.