Monday, October 8, 2012

Un paseo por el Parc de la Devesa, Girona

Today I wanted to take you out on a walk in Parc de la Devesa in Girona
It's not like I have a lot to say about this park, but I really love the tranquility of it, and the high high trees. 

These high trees are called plátanos, but have nothing to do with platanos (bananas)!
There are 2500 of them, most of which were planted around 1850. Since they were planted at a close distance- instead of growing outwards, they have been "forced" to grow upwards, reaching altitudes not that  normal for this kind of tree. (They are about 60 meters high.)

Worth a visit if you are in Girona! It's found just close to the historical centre of the town. 


  1. I love long leisurely strolls through parks. It's so calming, especially if you live in a busy city...

  2. Very cool. I'm craving some time outside under a tree.