Monday, October 29, 2012

Panellets in Barcelona, a Recommendation

We are getting close to "Dia de todos los santos" again, the 1st November, a public holiday in Spain to reminice the deceased. I don't know yet if and/or how this is celebrated in Las Palmas, but a very important part of this day in Catalunya and Barcelona are the panellets, those small cakes that should be enjoyed with a little glass of sweet moscatell wine. 

There are more traditional foods to this day in Barcelona, but that's not the purpose of my post of today. (If you are interested in knowing more about these traditions, I invite you to have a look at my post of last year.)

I just simply wanted to offer a suggestion of where to buy the panellets if you happen to be in Barcelona these days! In what is considered "la zona alta" of the city, there is a fantastic bakery. Ok, you might think, there are bakeries on every corner in Barcelona. Which is true. But this one stands out from the crowd. It has even been honoured with a prize of having the best butter-criossant in all of Spain! (And I can only agree the croissant is heavenly!) 

Campeon del mejor croissant de mantequilla de España - Champion of the best butter-criossant in Spain
They sell an impressing selection of panellets, as well as delicious chocolates, cakes and the normal bakery-stuff.

Well worth going out of your way for! The closest metro is Green Line 3, stop Lesseps, and Badia Roca is located on Carrer de Padua 91.


  1. I love bakeries! I really wish I could find all the great German stuff in America!

    1. I have a German bakery just close to where I live now, the breads are heavenly! Really dark and really good!

  2. Oh, is this celebration like Dia de los Muertos in Mexico? Must be similar...

    Honestly, American pastries don't compare to everything here in Europe. Everything is just so good here, which is especially reflected in the bread and creams!

    1. I believe it's quite similar, although I have heard they celebrate more in Mexico. Still a very nice tradition!

      Happy you like the pastries over here! I however, have always dreamt of trying one of those real American high layer cakes that look so amazing!