Friday, September 14, 2012

Pintxeando in Logroño, la Rioja.

As I mentioned here, my stay in Logroño turned into quite the food-fest, much thanks to Elizabeth at Memoirs of a Young Adventuress. She posts ”Pincho of the week” and I had taken note of some of the ones I thought sounded most spectacular and interesting.

So, when I ended up spending a night in Logroño, I found that little piece of paper and started locating street names on the map before heading out for a very goal-oriented round of pintxos!

Elizabeth had done great 'research for us' (thanks again!) and we went from one recommended pintxo-bar to the next. The food was simply so spectacular, I would like to share it with you guys. 

So, what you see i the picture above is actually a piece of kangaroo-meat. Never in my life have I been close to a kangaroo, be it in the bushes or on a plate. This had to be tested! (I don’t even know if it’s somehow unethical or bad to eat kangaroo, could anyone from Australia answer me on this?) Anyhow, it was really good! Cooked to perfection, very tasty. When I read her post about this I knew this had to be checked out if I had the chance. Have a look at her post for more info about the bar and her experience with the roo! 

By the way, the bar is called Vinissimo, and has a great selection of great Rioja (and other) wines at great prices.It is located at C/San Juan.

But there was something more on the menu that had to be tested before moving on, ”Brocheta de Jabali.” 

Jabalí is wild-bore. Why the interest? Because one of the places in Barcelona I like the most (oh well, lets face it, there are so many places in this city I love, and I wouldn't be able to rank them, but this one is definitely on that list!) - the fabulous green area perfect for walking, running, biking, with a breath-taking panoramic view over all of Barcelona, Carretera de les Aigües is full of them! It’s interesting I think. They are quite used to people apparently, and come out at dusk and at night. I just think it’s fascinating (and strange) that there is a whole lot of wild boars so close to the city centre of Barcelona. So, I had to try it. It had a distinct taste, but I really liked it.

After these two delicious pintxos, we moved on to the next bar on my list, La Canilla. Here, Liz had told me (er, her readers) that you could get a mean entrecot with green peppers and thin fries. Sounded good to us, so we gave it a go. This is how it looked: 

Looks nice? My partner in crime was in heaven by this plate. I am not the biggest read-meat-fan, but it certainly tasted nice. I probably liked the peppers and potatoes more than the actual meat, but it was supposedly very delicious. (And Liz says it is too. So they are majority on this one.)

La Canilla is located at C/San Agustin.

Next on the list was the one we both had the highest hopes about. Cochinillo. (Suckling pig.) I had tried it once before. Along the road in Cuba, a farmer had barbecued a whole little cochinillo and put up a little stand. I had been recommended to try this if I ever came across one, so we had to stop the car when we saw it. The smell and taste of the meat was heavenly. I will never forget it!

Anyway, in a restaurant in Logroño, called Las Cubanas actually, they serve Cochinillo, as a pintxo (small portion) or a full dish. I had to look up the website of this restaurant to see if the name had anything to do with Cuba, as that’s where I tasted the famous cochinillo the first time, and it does! Funny coincidence. The restaurant was started by a Spanish couple after having spent 15 years in Cuba, upon returning to Spain to open a restaurant.

The meat was so tender, so soft, so juicy and oh so tasty. I had to get another plate before I left the restaurant. And I would almost consider going back to Logroño because of it.

Las Cubanas is also located at C/San Agustin.

The pintxo/bar-street C/Laurel certainly grew into life this Friday night!

I will always remember Logroño for the fantastic food and fantastic wine. 
Ever been there? Ever eaten Kangaroo, Wild Boar or Cochinillo?


  1. I love food holidays and those green peppers and thin fries have my FULL attention! I'm off to Melbourne next week and there is going to be a lot of eating! xoxox

    1. Enjoy eating in Melbourne and tell all after!!;) xx

  2. Great post & pictures.. Would love to go back to Spain... :-) Greetings from your Home land!.

  3. I'm gathering that Spain loves meat.

    1. Elizabeth loves meat, and maybe that coloured this post a bit? But I wouldn't say Spain has a problem with meat, no :)

  4. i love liz's blog but it always makes me so hungry and want to book a trip to spain. now yours is doing it to me too! aggghhhh. i guess the smalahove just isn't feeding me well enough ;) kidddddding!

    snart helg! :)

    1. Haha I am sorry! But she totally convinced me on those food-posts, man- delicious! Hahaha, that smalahove-shot was hilarious! I would be shocked at that sight too ;)

    2. she convinced me everytime she post a pincho. and then plane tickets knock me back into reality :)