Wednesday, September 12, 2012

La Diada – 11 de Septiembre

September 11th is The ’National Day of Cataluya’. How is there a National day
 if Cataluya is not a nation you might wonder? 

Catalunya is one of Spain’s autonomous communities, but is part of Spain.
September 11th commemorates the defeat of the Catalan troops back in 1714. 

Catalunya want to be free from Spain, to be an independent state. So September 11th is celebrated with manifestations and entertainment, as an exercise in defending the culture and language of Catalunya. 

The Catalan flag is waving in the wind from numerous balconies and windows. 
People dress up in the Catalan or Independentista flag. This celebration is just as 
big as any other country’s Independence Day celebration!

In Girona the Catalan flags were out as well this Saturday.
The flags with the star is the Independentista flag

One million people participated in the manifestation in Barcelona centre yesterday! 1 million!
Some of the slogans:
"Catalonia, the next European state"
"Our hatred is our goodbye"
"Catalonia is not Spain"



  1. Ayer los catalanes dijeron basta , a los catalanes independentistas se les ha unido otros catalanes que no lo eran como yo.El pacto fiscal con Madrid (Catalunya da mas dinero del que recibe)eso hace que catalunya tenga mucha deuda y tenga que pedir rescate a España que ha provocado reacciones de gente en España que no me ha gustado

    1. Entiendo que hay mucha pasion por el tema. Que participaron 1 million es casi increible! No puedo imaginar esa cantidad de gente.

  2. 1 million? Wow. Just wow.

    The world is such a big place.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I can't get my head around that amount of people!

  3. Según la policía, eramos 1.500.000, siempre dicen un numero más pequeño, para hacer ver que somos pocos, así que calculo que seríamos unos 2.000.000. Sin contar a la gente que estaba en los balcones de sus casas y los que no pudieron venir. Algún día lo conseguiremos!

  4. I suppose Catalonia is a nation, but just not a state. If that makes sense.