Monday, August 20, 2012

Fiestas de Gracia - Presenting C/Llibertat - Welcome to the Catwalk!

Another fabulous street in this year's edition of Fiestas de Gracia. One of my personal favourites. 

I love how most streets are built up around a theme, and how incredibly creative these people are! I wonder how they come up with the ideas and how they work towards this. I understand it's the neighbors in the given street who work together collecting materials and creating all this to put it up at the Fiestas de Gracia in August each year.

Today I welcome you to Pasarella per Gaudir! Catwalk of enjoyment!I believe there is a bit of a word-play here, as the Catalan word for 'ejoy'/ 'enjoyment' is gaudir, and that's really similar to Gaudí, the very talented architect behind many architectural works of art, for instance la Sagrada Familia, which obviously have inspired the entrance of this street.

This street is representing an exhibition of clothes and patch-work made from recycling different things, just like most of of the other streets. Again, how very creative! I am so impressed!

This one is made from 934 grams of paper from a paper shredder and paint... :

...and this one from 1854 Nespresso capsules:

But they hadn't just made clothes. Of course shoes were needed as well!



The "roof" is again decorated, like most streets, this one with fabric, needles, measuring tape, buttons and scissors! Ah, and 'chandeliers' made from water bottles, lighting up the street at night.

The walls are decorated as well:

 The entrance to the street from the other side also gives you a hint to the theme, a giant sewing machine and a sewing kit!

Great, isn't it?

Where to find it?

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