Friday, April 20, 2012

Sponsored post: Win a trip around the world! (For readers in Norway)

Have you heard of “See the world with Spar”? I hadn’t, but was excited when I was contacted about it and very happy to be able to spread the word from my little space here on the web.

Do you like to travel? Do you like to learn about other cultures? Are you adventurous and like to soak in impressions and beautiful places? Well, have a look at this video then! See, Spar is searching for a “reporter” to go explore the world. The lucky winner gets to travel the world for free, all expenses included while being  a “reporter” for SPAR. Through video and photo updates the winner will share his/her adventures from at least twelve countries spread out over four different continents. Ah, and the winner also gets a travel bag filled with handy travel goodies such as digital gadgets and travel equipment. Not bad at all if you ask me!

Does this sound like something you would love to do? Well go on then, have a go at it! I always try going after things I dream of doing, give it a try and well if it doesn’t work out, at least I tried. Instead of always regretting things I wanted to do, but never dared trying. Well, basically that’s why I am now living a very good life in Spain! 
Good luck with becoming SPAR’s reporter to travel the world!

And I am sorry – I wish this competition was available for the whole world, but unfortunately it is only for readers in Norway.



  1. oh lala i might enter ;)

  2. What an awesome opportunity! Too bad I'm not in Norway!

  3. Å herre !! Dette har jeg lyst til!!

  4. Herlig. For alle reiseglade er jo dette en herlig mulighet!

    Og tusen takk for varmende (!) kommentar hos meg. Tror heller ikke jeg vil angre på valget. Og i verste fall - det er da alltid en returbillet!


    1. Ja det høres veldig gøy ut å reise jorda rundt gratis!! Og du, returbilletter er alltid å få kjøpt ;)