Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Sunday in Barcelona

I love how Barcelona keeps surprising me with fabulous stuff. Like yesterday, the plan was to go see the big Titanic – The Exhibition at Museu Martitim de BarcelonaSounded like a great Sunday plan if you ask me. Well, as luck would have it we weren’t the only ones with this plan. The queues for the ticket office went along the museum, around the corner and up the street on the outside. About 200m long. That kind of queue is not for me. But no worries, can always come back to see it some other day! 

So we needed a new plan. We decided to just step into Barri Gotic and see where the streets would bring us.We moved on through to Born. Passed by my fave bakery and picked up some macaroons, awed at Santa María del Mar a little, before continuing up Passeig del Born. Some great great street musicians entertained us for a while with the most soothing music just at the back of Santa María del Mar. 

By the way, I  think anyone who's read the historic novel, Cathedral of the Sea just can't pass by Santa María del Mar without thinking about the story. I think it has possibly given the church more life. (To me it has anyway) It's beautiful.

..."Let's head to the park!" Allright by me, Parc de la Ciutadela is a great Sunday spot. But WOW! The park was a lot more crowded than normal. 

There was a big event going on! Fira de la Terra. (Fira= Fair in Catalan, Terra= earth in Catalan)

A good mix of alternative. Alternative people, if that’s a term. Alternative stands, with alternative information, for example Club Catala de Naturisme,

stands with all sorts of alternative therapies and treatments such as aura readings, massage with didgeridoo, chakra cleansing etc.

Then Passeig de Lluis Company (the promenade from Arc de Triumf to the entrance of the park) were just as crowded ...

...and tempted us with all sorts of alternative delicious looking and smelling food, ecologic food, raw food, food from all around the world... Cocktails Brazilian style with fresh fruit anyone?

Or Cuban food, one of my absolute favorites. Arroz con frijoles con mariquitas (platano macho frito) mmmm!

Stone oven baked pizza or bread ...


Ever tried sugar cane juice? They made and served it here. Natural or with rum!

And as if this wasn't enough, there was a whole lot of stands with ecological (?) artwork!

They say that it's when you don't plan too much that the greater things happen. I don't know about that, but for sure am I happy the Titanic exhibition was too crowded, if not I would have missed all this!


  1. Sometimes plans not turning out can be a great thing, as evident in this beautiful Sunday! I'm not used to seeing your pictures so full of people ;) Cathedral of the Sea is definitely a book I'll have with me if/when I make my way to Barecelona. Hope you've been well lovely. Have a great week <3

    1. Not if my darling, when! Wish a great week for you too! <3

  2. For en spennende blogg du har! Jeg elsker å reise, og får virkelig lyst på en tur til Spania nå. Det er jo en skam at jeg ennå ikke har kommet meg dit...

    1. Tusen takk for det! Det er mange spennende reisemål i denne verden, og vanskelig å få prøvd alle!! Jeg hadde ikke vært i Spania før jeg flyttet hit jeg heller :)

  3. I adore a good festival, especially if there is food. Yum.

  4. Replies
    1. It was, Sarah :) I love bumping into new and different things!

  5. Takk for en underholdnede reise gjennom innlegget ditt! Skulle gjerne ha stoppet lengre ved matbodene. Liker forøvrig veldig godt det velkjente matmarkedet i Barcelona by, er det Boqueria det heter?