Friday, April 13, 2012

Found a great page on Barcelona!

A friend of mine told me about this great, great old bar in Barcelona that I simply had to check out. It was called the same as a French city and that helped me remember the name so I could look it up when I got home. 

I Googled "Bar Marsella" and was directed to a website, not the website of the bar, but a page which opened up a new little Barcelona-universe.

So, I got to read about this old bar, actually really old, it opened in 1820!! According to this site it is said to be the very first bar in Barcelona, and that the likes of Picasso and Hemmingway used to frequent it. And apparently Woody Allen chose to shoot a scene from this bar in the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. There’s lots more to be said about the bar, but since I haven’t been there yet, I’ll refer you to the page. If you’re interested, click here

After having read about the bar, of course I had to keep snooping around and this site is actually really informative and quite the complete guide to Barcelona, so if you are looking for Barcelona-information, it being bars, restaurants, or entertainment, this site covers it really well! I will be using this page to look for inspiration for things to do and where to do them!


  1. Thank you for this, I googled "great page on Barcelona" and this post came up as second in google, it's what I was looking for. Thanks for leading me to a great page on Barcelona!

  2. Hey, what a great and useful site! And I want to visit this bar! I watched the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona once but before actually visiting the city! Might be fun to see it again.

  3. Tusen takk for at du guider til en så bra side om Barcelona :-)
    Den baren høres jo kjempespennende ut...en bar med virkelig sjel....

  4. Picasso and Hemingway? Sign me up.