Monday, March 12, 2012

Photo course, Castellers (human towers), spa and beer festival!

Another great weekend is over in Barcelona. It's been busy and fabulous!

I attended an intensive photo course and it was great. However after, I realize that I learned how to take pictures of the situations/setting we dealt with there and then, but not really how to apply it to other situations, lighting conditions etc. But I am happy with it and will probably look for another course soon to learn more. I love photography and I am so lucky to have such a photographable city on my doorstep.

Then on Sunday there was a big show of Castellers, the human towers I wrote about here
I enjoyed my first show at the Calçotada, but this was something else. More professional. More participants. More advanced. There were three teams taking turns to build different Castellers. (Castellers de Sants, Castellers de vila de Gracia, Castellers de Sant Cugat) and it was part of the Fiesta de Sant Medir from last weekend (The sweet party).  

The Castellers have won a piece of my heart, I think this is top entertainment, so different but still so fun and original. It’s absolutely nerve wrecking when you see the tower moving and shaking. It’s somehow moving to see the faces of the participants when they come down and it all went well. And it’s impressive to see the little kids climb their way to the top and then sliding back down on the other side of the tower. The team spirit is obvious. And again, Spain amazes me with it’s traditions. Like the Fiesta de Sant Medir, almost 200 years old but still very much alive, while this tradition of the Castellers dates back to 1770 when the first one was documented. The Catalans are proud of their traditions and culture and little by little I am let in on it. Loving it!

It's important to start with a good, strong base: 
A classic 6-level one:

Then a classic 7 levels:
And another 7-levels:
One with two persons in each level: 
Then there were two really impressive variations. One where they built two towers simultaneously: 

And one where, when the tower was complete...
...someone climbed up in the middle of the circles of people, while the ones around started going down... 

 Leaving a new tower in the middle, with a very proud little lady on the top smiling and waving to the public!

The little ones who climb all the way to the top, they are so cute, and some of them so small! Look at this one for instance! Climbing up 7 people and sliding down on the other side. Brave!

This post is already long so I'll come back to the beer festival in the next post!


  1. I’ve seen them many times and I enjoyed them every time like mad!!
    I’m always very impressed with those small kids that climb to the top as professional climbers!!
    Really really impressive!!

    By the way, lovely photos :)

    1. Thank you! Those little ones really impressed me too!

  2. I'm so agree with Jose...lovely photos :-)
    Så herlig...jeg elsker også å se sånt...og disse så jo bare kjempeflinke ut...
    Morsomt med fotokurs da, vil gjerne høre mer om det :-)
    Du tar jo alltid fine bilder...he he...og det er vel ingen bombe for deg at jeg også elsker å se på bilder(koser meg alltid med dine <3) og fotografere...du har vel vært inne på bloggen min et par ganger...thi hi <3

    1. Takk takk! Jeg elsker å ta bilder og har jo så vakre omgivelser hvor jeg enn ser her til å øve meg, men det var gøy med litt proff input! Jeg tror vi er to om den interessen ja ;)

  3. That is incredible! They are so talented and adventurous :)