Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My experience at Barcelona Beer Festival

The first edition of Barcelona Beer Festival was held this weekend, and on Sunday I passed by with some friends to have a look. There was a huge line outside…

… and there were rumors that the maximum capacity was 600 people, so we figured it was full. Still, we hung around waiting a little while deciding what to do. To our luck, shortly after they opened the doors and let a whole bunch in, us included.

We queued up to buy our tokens for the beers. For 5 euros you got a glass, the guide (of all the different beers) and three tokens. The beers cost between 2 and 5 tokens. The other options were to buy 7 tokens for another 5 euros or 15 tokens for 10 euros. 

Then we started studying the guide, deciding what beers we wanted to try. There were beers from lots of different countries (including a few from Norway I have never heard of!) Sounds like fun, right? Well, here’s when the big disappointment comes. After having decided we went on to the big display, the list of all the beers available to find out from what taps to get our beers…

… and found that almost all beers were sold out! We went through the list time after time, finding second, third, fourth…etc choices, but in the end we had to simply look at what was available and go for that. Thankfully we had just bought the start-pack with 3 tokens to begin with. 

I understand that it's the first time they arrange the festival, and they didn't know how it would be received. Maybe the beer festival was great on Friday, but if by Sunday afternoon almost all beers are sold out, that's no good. Just a few taps were open and all food was sold out too (there was supposed to be a variety of tapas). 

I don't care much for beer, I went there just to see what it was all about but my friends, beer-lovers, were quite dissapoited and I can understand that. Honestly I was more curious and attracted to the location, rather than the beers, and at least the location didn't dissapoint, hehe. Beautiful old convent from 1349!

We just stayed for one beer and then moved on, and I have a feeling it wasn't a place people stayed all day, due to the limited choice of beers (and no food).

Great potential, it just didn't turn out too great... 


  1. Boring! Let's hope they do better next year. Do you have any plans as for how long you will stay in Barcelona??

    1. Nope. I'm trying that live-in-the-moment-thing! :) Liking it a lot! No plans, no frames, no time limits.

  2. What a bummer. Loving the updates, though!

  3. What fun! I'm not much of a beer drinker, but looks exciting :-)

    1. Well, it could have been better but I don't care too much, it's just beer and I am not the biggest fan! ;)