Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Barcelona in Google Maps

Let me introduce you to a very good friend here in Barcelona. Google Maps! I don’t know what I’d do without you, dear. 
In one part of the city, L’Eixample, for instance, the usual way to say an address, is the actual street name and number, but also the street crossing just close to the address, or which two streets the address lies between.
Addresses are quite the task to learn here, too. Luckily I learnt it well in Málaga, I was completely confused.

For instance, La Pedrera (big Gaudí attraction) lies on Passeig de Gracia 92, (actual address) con C/Provenca. (close to the crossing of C/Provenca)

Or Antilla, the salsa place I usually go to, lies on C/Aragón 143-145, entre (between) C/Compte Borrell y (and) C/Comte d'Urgell.
It's very handy to look the addresses up on Google maps, with crossings and in betweens to know exactly where you're meeting someone. 

I have made a map in Google Maps on all the things I have written about in Barcelona, just like I did in Málaga. I will be adding things every time I write about something you'd might want to see in Barcelona, so it'll all be at one place. It can be found on the rights sidebar. Hope you like it!

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