Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barcelona Marathon

Today was the 34th edition of Barcelona Marathon and it felt just like any other big fiesta in the city. Soooo much people everywhere, an incredibly positive energy and lots of emotion and happiness all around!

The route of the 42 km. covers the city’s most important sights, such as la Pedrera, Casa Battló and Sagrada familia, (Gaudí’s work), Torre Agbar, Camp Nou (Barca’s football stadium), Forum, Arc de Triomf, Las Ramblas and Colon. There was about 20 000 participants, and roughly 50% foreigners. I guess this is a very cool way to see a new city as a tourist, if you are into running marathons!

And to make it all more festive and entertaining (which I guess come in handy when you’re running and running on asphalt for hours…) they had arranged for entertainment 53 places along the way of the 42 km! That’s a lot of entertainment! All sorts of different percussion groups, bands, dance ensembles, and more.

Another perfect sunny day in lovely Barcelona!

P.S. Tomorrow more from Andalucía!


  1. What a great marathon!! I ran it yesterday and I can confirm to you that the organization was so good, all the entertainment points and lots of people cheering up were a great help. Also the feeling to be running around all those beautiful sights is amazing!!

    1. How cool that you ran it!! I hope it went well :)

  2. Så herlige bilder...maraton er alltid en folkefest :-)