Monday, February 20, 2012

Old Tarraco, “New” Tarragona - a UNESCO world heritage site

Tarraco was the ancient name of the city now called Tarragona. During the Roman empire, it was one of the major cities of the Iberian Peninsula in the Roman province called Hispana Citerior. (One of the largest archaeological sites of Roman Hispania preserved in Spain today.)
In 2000 the archaeological ensemble of Tarraco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

A city with quite the history in other words. And it’s not bad at all being able to jump on a southbound train from big Barcelona and after a short 1-1,5 hours arrive to this beautiful little city. 

The main attraction is the Tarragona Amphitheatre, from 2nd century AD. The amphitheatre could house up to 15,000 spectators, and measured 130 x 102 m. (Source & read more here if interested)

And there are more Roman ruins...

A sundial 

A cathedral, from the 12th - 13th centuries, with a mix of Romanesque and Gothic architectural elements.

It’s a historic, beautiful city with several museums and sights. A long sandy beach decorates the length of the city and can be seen from big parts of the city, since it’s built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. Tarragona is located on what’s called the “Costa dorada”, the golden coast, and offers beaches in a stretch of about 211 km from Cunit to Les Cases d’Alcanar. 

There is a big "normal" park just outside the historical part of town, and then there is a huge amusement park some 10km outside the city, Port Aventura, and word is it's the biggest amusement park in Spain.  

And last but not least, the city centre is so cute and lovely. Old cobbled streets and small town atmosphere.

Ryanair fly into Reus, which is just outside of Tarragona. They call it one of the "Barcelona"-airports, although it's not in Barcelona (well, it's Ryanair...) but if you fly into Reus on your way to Barcelona, I'd say it's worth it to spend a day or two here too.


  1. I love seeing stuff like this! How amazing. It's incredible to think 15,000 people gathered there well before we had email and Twitter to tell people about events and stuff :-)

  2. that was great - and only one and a half hours by train. I must try to get a day off and go. The amphitheatre looks so beaautiful right by the sea and perhaps now is the time to go as it looked pretty quiet and yet nice and sunny

    Kate x

    1. There are faster (and more expensive) trains that take about an hour and then the slower(and cheaper) ones that take about 1.5 hours. It's quite nice for a day-trip!

  3. Wow.. The city looks amazing. I just love how Barcelona always pushes me to come back. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    1. Yes, I wonder if you can ever "finish" with Barcelona (and around) :) There are new things popping up everywhere, all the time. Love it!

  4. Every time you do posts like this, I read them imagining you doing yet another A Perfect Day So beautiful and romantic and it all looks quite relaxing too. I'm so envious of all the learning that you're doing, but I'll settle on learning more through you!