Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guided tour at the Palau de la Música Catalana

Sunday was the day of the guided tour to the Palau de la Música Catalana. I was feeling so much better and so happy that I could still go, as I didn’t really get to do anything else during
Barcelona Opportunity Week

The Palau de la Musica is located in the gothic area of Barcelona, in one of those narrow streets. It's a bit of a shame really, cause the building is so beautiful but it's hard to really see and appreciate it as the building in front is just a few meters away.

But hey, you can stand right in front of it and look straight up, and you'll see this: 

And if you have a decent zoom on your camera, with a little luck you'll be able to take in some details 
in the mosaics on the pillars : 

...and maybe even get to see the huge mosaic on the very top of the building:

Well well, it was the best I could do. 

It's beautiful on the outside although it's not that easy to see, but just wait till you step inside!
Starting with the stairs leading up to the concert hall, so beautifully embellished   

And then you get into the main hall. I would love to re-tell all the guide told us because this building really is amazing! The design is incredible, the details, the thought behind all of it. But having a memory like a goldfish, and adding the little factor of the presentation being held in Catalan (!!!) I would not be able to. (My Catalan is absolutely nothing to brag about but I did manage to understand some key points here and there, and the guide was so kind to repeat a few things in Spanish as well.)

Just trust me, this place is Ah-ma-zing and if you ever go to Barcelona I highly recommend a visit. Best be during a concert I would say, and the Palau offers more than 300 concerts a year so it should be quite easy to fit in on a trip. It was built with the idea to make a concert-hall for all social classes offering all kinds of music, a place to cater to every taste really. You'll get classical music, opera, piano solists, guitar solists, flamenco, latin music, pop, rock, electronica etc.

In 1997 the Palau was added to the Unesco list of World Heritage and is for now the only
modernistic music hall on this prestigeous list.

The Palau was built between 1905 and 1908, in true Modernistic style. I love how they have been faithful to the original design whenever they have needed to make an upgrade or renovation. Like when they installed air conditioning, they didn’t want it to show so they came up with some kind of system of making small flues through the roses in the roof. 

The sculptures, the mosaics, the lamps, the glass-mosaics, and the reversed glass cupola are simply incredibly beautiful. Please forgive bad quality pictures, flash was not an option..

Here you have a picture taken from the "balcony-seats" :

The incredible inverted stained-glass cupola with natural sun light :

From the "platea" / ground floor:

A reviewer said it well: The visuals alone make music sound different here.

I believe the best tickets are first floor seats, in front of the stage, to really appreciate the magic of the place. The most expensive tickets are down on platea, but there, in my opinion, you lose a lot
of detail of the architecture.

The nearest metro station is yellow L4 Urquinaona, exit Pl. Jonqueres. 

 If you want to read about how/when I discovered Palau de la Musica and see some
real & good pictures, you can click HERE.


  1. gorgeous architecture. makes me want to get lost down one of those narrow streets :)

    1. I love getting lost in all those narrow streets :)

  2. oh yes a great reminder that I MUST go to a concert there - have only visited like you but it's been on my To Do list for two years. Thanks for the nudge. Glad you are better too kate

    1. Yes I believe you must! My first time in the Palau was at a concert and it was so great, the best way to see it!

  3. Eek! These photos! I was half expecting music to emerge from photos as I looked through them. I'm glad you recovered and were well enough to go to on the tour <3

  4. I didn't take a guided tour but I went to a classical guitar concert there.. It was as you said Ah-ma-zing.. the beauty of the palau.. the great performance by Mr. Xavier Coll.. Just Charming.

    Thank you for reminding me of that night.

    1. Oh my goodness! I have been looking at tickets for the Xavier Coll concert at the Palau! I imagine it must be quite the experience, feel free to tell me more about it.
      How great you got to see a concert there, my first visit there was also at a concert, absolutely wonderful.

  5. Så nydelig bilder <3
    jeg har ikke tid til å lese det nå...er både på jobb og blitt syk jeg også...du har nok smittet meg...thi hi.
    Jeg skal kose meg med bloggen din i helgen innimellom pakkingen til Kenya turen :-)
    Måtte bare innom for å si hei...så kos at du holder på å lese deg opp på bloggen min etter du har vært syk <3...setter alltid sånn pris på dine koselige kommentarer <3
    He he...så du ble imponert over maraton løpingen min...og du fant noe vi ikke hadde felles...husk at jeg har levd lenge..thi hi...og sluttet med å løpe maraton for lengst :-)...pga knærne og alle kneoperasjonene...
    Kneproblemer du også...håper de nå ikke plager deg lenger...mine er jo selvforskyldt da...drev i mange år rovdrift på denne stakkar kroppen...men...om jeg kunne ha fått valgt om igjen...hadde jeg nok gjort det samme igjen ...har elsket alt jeg har holdt på med.
    Håper du nå er helt frisk, og jeg gleder meg til særlig lese dette innlegget ordentlig i helgen.
    I kveld og i morgen blir det nok bare å legge seg rett etter jobb...har vært på jobb med feber og det meste hele uken..kunne jo ikke bli hjemme når jeg snart skal ha lang ferie...vanskelig nok å finne noen til å jobbe for meg da...
    Men...i helgen FRIIII...og skal lese blogg..yippi.. :-)