Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am still learning new Spanish words every day. And there is something I find curious. Well, there are many things I find curious, but today I wanted to talk about the meals. Also, there are quite a few things I could say about the meals, but I’ll try to stay on track. Right now I wanted to talk eating-grammar!

In Norwegian we just eat. I mean the verb is “to eat”, then comes what we eat. We eat breakfast, we eat lunch, we eat dinner, and we probably eat something in between.

In Spanish however, they don’t just eat, they have a separate verb for every meal, instead of saying “eating …(the meal)”.

So in the morning, they are breakfast’ing, then they are lunch’ing, and in the evening they are dinner’ing. And in between they are “in between meals’ing”.

Breakfast = desayuno. Desayunando, means having breakfast.

Lunch = almuerzo. Almorzando, means having lunch.

Dinner = cena. Cenando, means having dinner.

In between/snack = merienda. Merendando, means having a snack, a little something in between meals.

Another thing just made up to confuse us poor foreigners trying to learn the language, for sure!


  1. I could stand to brush up on my Spanish. Keep em' coming.

  2. Foreign language grammar lessons makes me feel like this... AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!! (and then I bang my head on the wall, or table, or what ever hard surface is closest)

  3. Haha, det er det samme i Frankrike, man kan si at man bare "spiser" men man kan ikke si "spiser lunch," da blir det "luncher" (:

  4. Tusen takk for litt spansk lesson...lenge siden jeg har lest spansk...og det lille jeg kan er rustent...en vakker dag...vil jeg også bli god i spansk :-)
    Lykke til med nye ord og uttrykk <3

    1. Takk takk! Jeg har følelsen av at det er en ting mange av oss salsadansere har lyst til :)