Saturday, January 7, 2012

Traditional cake on Día de Reyes

At the 6th. January, apart from giving & receiving the Christmas presents you must eat a Roscon de Reyes, a special cake. It was funny to see people everywhere the 4th. and 5th. with boxes with this cake in their hands, it really is a big thing in Spain, a must. 

In Las Palmas they sold them filled with vanilla cream, chocolate-truffle, whipped cream, and cabello de angel (I don't know how to translate that, directly it's translated Angel hair, but I somehow think that's a metaphor for something else...) or plain with no filling. It's some kind of wheat cake with glazed fruit pieces on top and inside there are two hidden surprises. A bean and a king. The one who receives the bean is the one who should pay for the cake, and the one who gets the king is the one who’ll be crowned with the golden paper-crown included in the box and is then the King. Silly and fun!

The little king from inside the cake


  1. Den tradisjonen har de her i Frankrike også ! Kakene er bittelitt anderledes, men ellers helt likt (:

  2. How neat! Kind of like the New Orleans King Cake...

  3. Nora, gir man julegaver den 6 januar i Frankrike også?
    Sarah, now I got curious about New Orleans King Cake and had to google it, fun! Thanks for sharing ;)