Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A morning walk by the beach of Barcelona

I just love this, living so close to the Mediterranean Sea. Being able to go for walks there whenever I feel like it. Taking in the beautiful surroundings, enjoy the feel of the warm sun, sitting at a bench watching life go by, reading a book where all I hear are the waves rolling in and out.

This used to be something I would only dream of doing if I ever got on holiday somewhere a liiiittle more warm and exotic than Norway. Yeah, seriously. What is now so available to me, used to be something I could seriously daydream about doing.  

I am just so grateful to be able to be here! And happy that I did it, that I took the leap, packed my life into a suitcase and followed my dream of starting a new life in Spain, or at least going there for a while and escape one Norwegian winter, and learn some Spanish.

So today I would like to invite you along on a walk by the sea, hope you'll like it!

I still can't quite believe this is my "back garden"...


  1. Å, takk for turen. Det satte jeg pris på i dag!

  2. Just gorgeous. How I miss the ocean.

  3. that's quite a "back garden" for sure:))

    dreaming of barcelona...

  4. I love Barcelona! Was there last year and I really wanna visit that gorgeous city again soon.

    Maybe you wanna check out my blog? It's new and the concept is simple: I show one gorgeous shoe a day. Who doesn't want to get their daily fix of shoes? ;)