Monday, January 23, 2012

The home of Salvador Dalí

Back when I had been to Cadaqués, I said I would write about the museum of Dalí’s home. I have completely forgotten, so if anyone’s interested, here it is!
Salvador Dalí was always one of my absolute favourite artists, I have always been fascinated by surrealist art where you can stare at a painting and keep seeing new figures and meanings the longer you stare. And the colours!

Swans reflecting elephants
The persistece of memory
Yep, Dalí's work was definitely something I admired. And again, just as with Gaudí he was a reason to be fascinated with Barcelona, him having spent most of his life here, and is somehow a part of the city.

Friends of his included Pablo Picasso, Federico García Lorca, Joan Miró, Luis Buñuel – all important names in art to this day.

His art stretches further than just painting genius pieces of art though. He made sculptures, wrote a few film-scripts and a novel, made the set design in movies for Hitchcock and Disney, had a dip into the world of fashion with Christian Dior and Coco Chanel and more. His house in Port Lligat, is one of his architectural works.

He lived from 1904 to 1989, in Madrid, Paris, USA, Barcelona and Cataluña. He used to spend his childhood summers in Cadaqués, and in 1930 he moved to Port Lligat, just outside of Cadaqués, attracted by the landscape, the light and the isolation of the place. He started building his house there, and spent 40 years doing it. This is the only place he ever really settled down to stay, and this house is now open as a museum and of course I had to visit!
Let’s just say his taste in interior design is somewhat unique. Lots of animals and eggs!

Ready for a tour? Here we gooo!

Views from the garden
What a great idea! A panoramic window in the wall with views to the beach.

"Garden art"...  (The egg is a theme in his art)
Swimming pool and lounge

Another egg, overlooking the bay..
More egg and ehm.. garden art
Lets step in to the house. I have chosen a few of my too many pictures:

His study

Self portrait of him and his muse, Gala

The wardrobe

Bird slash rhino...
The sofa that goes all the way around the oval room, and some animal-furniture-thing

At some point, I will also go to Figueras, the town Dali was born, and where the biggest museum/art gallery is located. Can't wait!

Do you like Salvador Dali's art?


  1. My husband has been to the museum and he raves about it! I'm hoping to get there this year :-)

    1. great blog for Dali friends. Key to Salvador Dali’s art is his pursuit of concretization of dreams. This involves a credible breach in the civilizational habit of taking reality as fixed entity. Art such as this has to be hyper real in details. This exactness of minute attributes is fraught with danger as modern art abhors photo-realism and definitely the spatial illusion is a raging anathema in the canon of modern art. This is a testimony to ‘freakish talent’ of Dali that he pulled off the audacious artistic coup of ‘renaissance like modern art’.

    2. Thank you Dhiraj, for the interesting article. I am truly fascinated by Dalí's art and it was great to visit his home and take inn all the quirky details everywhere.

  2. That is so cool! I would love to visit there!

  3. Jeg er så utrolig glad for at du skrev om dette ...for jeg har alltid hatt lyst til å dra like <3
    Kjempefine bilder...helt herlige <3
    Jeg gleder meg allerede til du skal dra til Figueras...for da kan jeg være med bloggen dit.
    psst...du skrev i dag at du gledet deg å se bilder da jeg sa god tur til paps til Thailand...det kommer nok ikke noen bilder derfra før Julian og meg reiser ned neste hadde egentlig tenkt å dra i på vi er midt oppi litt slitsomt privat...og ting er litt usikkert ang bosted...så må vi nok har utrolig mye om Thailand på bloggen...under tre kategorier; Thailand,bangkok, og selvsagt Hua Hin...det er der vi har feriehuset våå kan jo Julian og jeg snart begynne nedtellingen vå til Kenya...yippi <3
    Klem fra Mette

    1. he he...har fått med meg misforståelsen...thi hi...ja...du kan glede deg til Kenya...det gjør jeg også...har forresten sendt deg en mail :-). Klem.

    2. Så flott at du likte omvisningen :) Figueras skal bli! Og jeg gleder meg til å "bli med" til Kenya ;)

  4. What great pictures! My favorite is the one of the egg overlooking the bay. How lucky you are to be able to have all these experiences <3

  5. Åh, så spennende! Tusen takk for kommentaren på min forresten, din gode blogging skal inspirere meg videre og til Brasil. Jeg føler jeg er helt håpløs selv, men Norge er... Norge... Det er ikke så grusomt interessant føler jeg:P Tusen takk for "omvisningen" forresten, har alltid likt de bildene du har vist, men ikke tenkt over hvem det er som har malt dem:)

    1. Tusen takk Ina! Flott å høre at du tar bloggen med til Brasil :) spennende, spennende!

  6. Wow. So intriguing. I especially love seeing the space where people do their creative work.

    1. Me too! It was pretty special to step into the study of this great artist, see the room itself, the view, the light...

  7. can anyone tell me when the museum is open? Would love to go there.

    1. On the website ( it seems it's open from 12 february 2012 till 6th january 2013... so take a pick and go visit :)