Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Barcelona Opportunity Week

I saw this sign about Barcelona Opportunity Week and of course it itched my curiosity.

The ad says:

Barcelona will be more accessible than ever, because Barcelona Opportunity Week will be bringing you major discounts at different places in the city. Not only will you be able to enjoy this week of unique opportunities, but many of the great deals and special offers include a donation to a charity specified in each participating establishment. Renowned restaurants, exclusive shops, hotels of every style, unrepeatable entertainments, all these things and many, many more are waiting for you during Barcelona Opportunity Week at great prices.

Starting on Friday 27th January and lasting 10 days, the city will be full of great offers. Now who doesn’t like the ring of this? I know I do.

There are 5 categories; hotels, restaurants, culture, markets and flowers.

If you need a hotel, 22 hotels (ranging from 5 star to 3 star) offer prices up to 50% off the usual rates

As for restaurants, 53 restaurants will provide a special set menu at a discounted price. 

And then you’ll want some cultural input too, maybe? A total of 23 theatres, 4 concert spaces, 14 art galleries, 22 cinemas, and 16 museums offers free entrance or a discount on the entrance/ticket fee. Have a look here for the full list.

For the best quality food, no doubt, you go to the markets that are spread all over town (every neighbourhood has one) and these 10 days, at 16 of them, every stall will be having products at a discount. Check out which ones here.

And then last but not least, 42 florists are part of Barcelona Opportunity Week, offering bouquets at a special price.

I for one, am excited about this!


  1. Wow...dette gleder jeg meg til å høre mer om :-)
    Du får jo hele Barcelona servert på et herlig vakkert fat <3

  2. I want to come as well. Especially for the cultural events! We really need to plan a meet up! (Especially now that we know what the other person looks like :p )