Saturday, December 10, 2011

Skating rink in Barcelona

There is an outdoor skating rink in the very centre of Barcelona! Apparently it's the first year they make it, but it seems it's a success. It's right on Plaza Catalunya, which is considered to be the heart of the city. I just realized that it makes me feel connected to winter, and then to Christmas. Like I have said, in my head, this climate just doesn't fit what I am used to when Christmas is around the corner and I am having a bit of a hard time finding the Christmas spirit when it's warm outside, and there are leaves on the trees and that sort of thing.

So yesterday after a friend arrived from up north to stay the weekend, we hung out there for a little while and I must say it crept up on me! The Christmas spirit that is. Loads and loads of people buying presents, Christmas music in the shops, the skating rink, the big beautiful Christmas tree next to it, all the Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. Truly beautiful.

Barcelona really is doing a good job getting dressed up for the festivities! I'll show more of that later, for now-  Plaza Catalunya:


  1. Å så koselig julebilder...både fra skøytebanen...der vil jeg gå på skøyter også...har gått på skøyter i mange parker rundt omkring, men ikke i Barcelona...har aldri vært der på vinteren...
    Hvor ble det av bilde av DEG på skøyter? <3
    ...og nydelig juletre også...fikk lyst til å reise dit med en gang <3
    Tusen takk for inspirasjonsrike bilder <3

  2. Ok...all I can say is WOW! Did you skate? I'm going to celebrate Christmas in July, when it's winter here!

  3. I didn't skate. Just watched a little :) I used to skate when I was little but haven't in years and years. I was impressed with the skating-rink since it's not cold at all. I guess I am just not used to the idea of an artificial skating-rink, but it's kind of great!