Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little closer to the Christmas spirit

Yes, Switzerland worked to a certain degree. It wasn't really cold, there was no snow, and it was raining every day... but it was nice. We went around here and there and got to see both cities and villages.

Things I loved: 
  • Swiss cheese, oh my goodness! 
  • Friendly people
  • Beautiful mountains
  • Lovely chocolate
  • The Christmas Market of Montreux
  • The beautiful village Gruyeres
  • Cheese-fondue
Things I didn't love: 
  • Price level, holy macaroni, it was expensive!!
  • How it was completely dead on Sunday. Nothing was open, not even the Christmas market??! 
  • Price level... Oh, I said that already. But everything was just really overly expensive...
I have realized that it's not just the cold and dark that brings out the Christmas spirit for me, I think snow is an essential ingredient too. And there was no snow where I was. The huge and so cosy Christmas market in Montreux did help a lot though! Now I just need to keep working on it here in Barcelona as best as I can!


  1. All the best with getting the snow to Barcelona! This is such a cute post! (I'm still working on getting a proper Summer to Canberra, we're still at 7 degrees in the morning!)

  2. I don't think there will be any snow in Barcelona :) but hopefully in Norway when I go back for Christmas holidays!