Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting warmed up for Christmas in Norway

In Norway (as most countries…) we have all these different things to set the mood for Christmas. Of course we have the standard stuff such as decorations and lights in the streets and shops, Christmas music and Christmas markets. But what I was coming to was all the “seasonal” products in the supermarkets, special editions of different food stuff just for Christmas. There is actually a big production of different products just for the holiday season and I love it! 

I never gave it much thought before, it was just a part of December and getting warmed up for Christmas, but coming back to Norway for the holidays and seeing it all in the supermarkets I realize how much I have been missing it, and that it probably was part of what was lacking for my Christmas spirit to arrive 100% in Spain!

Pepperkaker and gløgg for instance, a classic! Pepperkaker is some sort of gingerbread cookies, baked in different figures ...
... and taken to a higher level by the company of Gløgg, a spicy drink, enjoyed warm. It’s the Scandinavian version of mulled wine, although just as much enjoyed without alcohol. 

 There are just so many products; meat, sausages, biscuits, drinks (Christmas beer, soda and Gløgg), loads of different candy and chocolates, the toilet paper has little Santa's on it and seven the milk cartons are Christmassy!

A fraction of the section with Christmas chocolate/candy
In Spain, I haven't seen this in any category, apart from some Christmas candy. I somehow think we make more of the Holiday Season, maybe because it's so dark and cold outside and we need/want a little
extra something to snuggle up inside?
Anyhow, Christmas is very cosy in Norway and I am enjoying every second of it!

I would love to know how this is in other countries - anyone care to share with me? 
Do you have seasonal Christmas food/products in your country?


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  2. Pepperkaker <3
    Og norsk sjokolade da, det må være noe av det beste som finnes (:

  3. We do in the States but maybe not quite as much. Eggnog, hickory farms products lol :-)

  4. Dina, welcome!!
    Nora, er så enig! Mmmmm. Har hatt litt overload i jula ;)
    Sarah, it sounds nice!

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