Thursday, December 22, 2011

El portal de Belen en Plaza St. Jaume - The nativity scene

El Portal de Belen, The Nativity scene is a central part of Spanish Christmas and Barcelona has it's own big Portal del Belen every year, on plaza St. Jaume. It's a traditional thing one must see, and the queues to "get in" are looong. I went on a Sunday afternoon and the queue was about 200 meters long ...

But it moved quickly, so I got to see it and take some pictures.

And then...of course, as in every nativity scene, in the "outskirts" of "Betlehem", there he is.
El Caganer
...  Big and graphic!


  1. These are lovely. Thanks for sharing what Christmas is like in Spain.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Så fine bilder :-)
    Å gå inn på bloggen din gjør meg alltid glad <3

  3. The poop thing is so random.

    I love looking at your pictures because there's just such a grandeur and tradition to everything. I have to imagine most of these traditions are a hundred years old, at least. In Arizona, you'll be lucky to find a Christmas tradition that's been around for at least 20 years.

  4. How cool! What a difference from the States....I've never seen anything like that here!

  5. Shopgirl, thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

    Mette, så utroolig koselig å høre!

    Carolyn, yeah that pooping guy is really random... It's true what you say, there is so much history and tradition to these things and it's pretty amazing to experience it!

    Sarah, I would love to experience Christmas in the States!