Thursday, December 15, 2011

El Corte Ingles at Christmas

El Corte Ingles is the biggest department store chain in Spain. Barcleona has several, and two of them right in the middle of the centre. I don't care too much for the department store itself, it's too immence and it seems impossible to find something specific fast, however the food court is very good. (They have knekkebrød!)

But what I wanted to write about is the Christmas decorations some of the Corte Ingles'es, cause they are just beautiful!

The one at Plaza Catalunya:

The one at Portal de l'angel:

The one at Avinguda Diagonal:

At Corte Ingles at Plaza Catalunya there is a big decorated show window for kids with animated dolls and a fairytale is being played out over the speakers, so cute

...and at each entrance there is a Santa Clause giving candy to the kids.

It is indeed Christmassy!


  1. Her var det julestemning for alle penga! Man trenger nesten ikke snø når det er så fint pyntet som det her...

  2. Oh wow, how lovely!! I hope you have an amazing Christmas :)

  3. Foreigner, ja faktisk er det ikke nødvendig med snø eller kulde for å få julestemninga har jeg funnet ut, nydelig er det her!

    Pretty, indeed! Same to you, Many colours!

  4. Naaahh, så fint!! Jeg har ei tante som er voldsomt begeistra for Barcelona. Reiser ditt 'støtt og stadi'. Jeg kan jo forstå hvorfor når jeg ser disse bildene!

    Ha ei god helg!

  5. Jaaaa, fint i Barcelona! :) God helg til deg også!

  6. It's beautiful!! Love it.