Thursday, November 17, 2011


Back in Norway, tapas is the big thing. Exotic and exciting.
Here it’s not really. It’s funny to see how “normal” tapas is here. Every little bar offers them, some more than others, but they’re always available. The authentic tapas are not fancy at all. The artistic and ornamental creations you’ll find at restaurants in Norway claiming to be serving tapas or even here (for the tourists) are not the real original deal.

There are a few theories on how it all started. The word tapas comes from “tapar” in Spanish which means “to cover.” Back in the days to hinder the flies from getting into the drinks, the bar-owners simply served a small plate with some ham or cheese to cover the drinks. Another theory is that bar-owners gave away a free little salty something with the drinks to increase thirst and then consumption, or even that by giving the bar guests something to eat with the drinks decreased the effects of the alcohol.
Let me emphasize that tapas used to be free. There are still some places in Spain that serve a free tapa with every drink (like in Málaga), however that is unfortunately not the case in Barcelona. It's quite pricey actually, compared to Malaga. In the south the prices ranged from €1-3 normally, here €7 is easily the cheapest one on the menu…

Tomato salad, assortment of Spanish cheese, ham & sausage, and bread


  1. I'm on the look out for a good tapas bar here in Canberrra. Can't wait to find something decent!

  2. I have never tried tapas! The food in the photo looks amazing though. It's a shame that they're not still free!

  3. It's nice for a quick, tasty, small something to go with drinks! But yeah, much better when they were free!
    Hope you'll find something decent in Canberra, Vanisha ;)