Friday, November 11, 2011

Pupy y los que son son live in Barcelona

I was convinced that today I would say that I had the BEST night yesterday, that the concert was beyond amazing and that I danced my ass off! 

It's almost so that I don't want to write about it at all, but since I already announced I was going I guess I should do a follow-up... 

As I have said before, salsa is my passion, and Cuban salsa is my favourite. Then, when one of the bigger, most famous Cuban Salsa bands comes to Barcelona, of course I am going to be there!

I'll just give a little background information to this band. Pupy (César Pedroso), a Cuban pianist and songwriter, was one of the founders of the group Los Van Van in 1969. He played with them (by the way, one of the absolute best Cuban Salsa bands) until he founded his own band, Pupy y los que son son in 2001. I have been so lucky as to see Los Van Van live 3 times, twice in Habana, Cuba and once in London, England, but I have never been at the right place at the right time to see Pupy, so you can understand my excitement when I found out they were playing right here in Barcelona!

Hearing such a great group play live is normally so fantastic I don’t have the words to describe it. So many great musicians playing together, different instruments, melodies, the congas, the bongos, the clave. Like I have said before, music is so important in my life, it's like a vitamin injection for my soul.

So I was expecting to have one of those nights yesterday! But I didn’t… The problem was that the local was simply too small for them. Such a great band, with a total of 13 musicians needs some space for the sound and acoustics to come out well. There wasn’t space for all these different strong instruments and the sound came out horribly. You couldn’t make out any words from the lyrics, not really hear and differentiate the different instruments and it all sounded like one big roaring noise. Such a shame! They deserved so much more.

But they were happy and charming, and Pupy with his 65 years is still going strong, smiling, dancing and rocking with his band, haha great! 


  1. I just looked them up on you tube, amazing sounds! Thanks for the introduction :)

  2. The sound good on disc and they really are great musicians, although I didn't get to experience that live!

  3. Det så utrolig gøy ut ! Jeg elsker å gå på konserter !! I fjor dro jeg til Paris for å se et band der, det var utrolig fett