Sunday, November 6, 2011

Parc de la Ciutadella

I live just by Parque de la Ciudadela. It’s one of the biggest parks in Barcelona, and was for decades the only green patch in the city. It covers an area of 280,000 m2 actually. It’s not just a park, the Zoo of Barcelona is part of it, the Parliament of Catalunya and a few museums as well.

It’s big and really gives the feeling of being away from big city. I used to take my Spanish homework there and sit down on some nice bench in a lovely area with a big impressive waterfall-thing, and a beautiful  gazebo/pavilion. 

Word is, a group of tangodancers gather here some sundays to dance in the gazebo, how gorgeous is that?!!

 This park actually has a little “lake” where you can rent small rowing boats! So nice, I’ve only ever seen that in the movies. 

The park is great for running or just chilling out on the grass or having a picnic. I have seen groups doing Tai Chi, yoga or having a drum circle. Love it!
The park really caters to every taste and is a nice and safe place to be.


  1. That does seem like a scene out of a movie, how lucky you are to be living so close to such loveliness! I don't know if I could get homework done there though! You should try to catch the tango dancers there!

  2. Well, it is easy to get distracted! But then again, my homework isn't of the kind that require much concentration.. But it is lovely to have this at a 3 minutes’ walk from home! And I will find those tango dancers!

  3. By the way Tango is on Tuesday at the moment! It's been a moveable feast these last years and it depends on whoever is organising it. Starts at 8pm. Every two weeks my friend Max organises it.
    Maybe see you there one day if I can get up to town again soon!
    Kate x